Good Monday Aloha! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! We had brunch on Sunday with new friends…made new friends with our hosts’ friends…laughter, talking story, good food and mimosas!! It was so fun!

We love spending time outside and we do that as much as we can…even if it’s just a quiet evening with a glass of wine on the front lanai! Mainly, we have to keep ahead of the rapid rate of growth here on Kauai because we get plenty of rain and humidity and sunshine!

It’s been a while since I have posted some pics of what’s been happening in our little neighborhood. You can read this post about removing one of our large “trash” trees in the front yard – and take another peek at our newest grandson!!

Mr. G has been slowly chipping away at the remaining stump.  Here is his progress from Saturday…after the disappointing loss for OU vs. Texas…well, he had some frustration to work out!! 😉

OU vs. TX

Chopping out some frustration!

The other exciting news (yea, I know…it’s the little things that make me happy, right?!) was the vacant lot across the street from us got mowed!! Here is how it looked back in August. Mr. G wrote the owner a nice letter asking him to mow the lot. He, the owner, lives on Oahu, so Mr. G offered to keep it mowed back if he would do the initial mowing.

Before lot mowed 082015

There is a red Nissan Pathfinder in this stuff!

Before lot mowed 0802152

This is called Buffalo Grass…super sized…and well over 6 ft. high!

After a couple of weeks, a man shows up with a big tractor and knocked this stuff down! He came back a week later and cut down these two trees that were being taken over by vine.

This was taken a couple of weeks later (9/11/15) and this stuff will keep growing back!

Not great, but SO much better than 6+ feet high, right?!

AND…then, about the first week of October, the abandoned vehicle was removed by the County!! Whoohoo!!!

Now you see WAS covered in Buffalo Grass...

Now you see it…it WAS covered in Buffalo Grass…

...NOW you don't!!

…NOW you don’t!! That stump is getting smaller and smaller…really, it is!

These cars are now gone as well! We have been cutting the grass weeds and pushing it back from the front, but you can see, that Buffalo grass weed it hard to stop!

Looking much better!

Looking much better!

So, now that this area is looking better, we can must keep working on our own yard…AND, we met a nice man on Sunday who wants to come over and see our rim overgrowth…he may have some suggestions on clearing it, too…

Stay tuned!




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