Getting a few things done!

Wow! Did the last week just fly by, or what?! Good Monday to you all and thanks for checking in!

First up, some updates on previous projects! You can read where this one started here. Oh, and the Row by Row mentioned in that post? Well, the machine applique is done, too!! It’s ready to quilt!

But more importantly, my friend, Silvia, received her custom quilt and she loves it!! Here are some pictures of the first quilt made by me in Hawaii!!


Finished size 91″ x 91″ for Silvia’s queen size bed!

Showing a bit of the quilting and the lime green quatrefoil backing!

Showing a bit of the quilting and the lime green quatrefoil backing! Wide-backs rock!!

Close up of quilting

Close up of quilting

I also finished the top for new granddaughter as well as a pieced back (from the same fabrics I used in Silvia’s quilt!), but I’ll show that when it’s quilted! She will be here any day!!! Whoohoo!! It’s a good thing she won’t remember she didn’t get her quilt in time for her arrival! Bad, Gigi!

Here is the progress on the scrappy batik quilt I’m making with my friend, Pam. You can read how this started here.

We have given it a name but it’s a secret until it’s finished. For now, for speed in typing the blog (yea, right…I just get tired of spelling out “scrappy batik quilt top”), I’ll refer to it as the BPR! If you can guess what that stands for, I’ll give you a 1/2 yard of fabric in your choice of color! (My choice in fabric, but it will be good!) Oooh, a mini-contest!! Come on, give it a go!  🙂

As of today, 9 blocks and several units assembled!

1019151 (1)

9 blocks units on my design floor…ha! No design wall yet!

1019151 (2)

A bit of a close up to show all the pretty variety!

1019151 (3)

Still a LOT more strips to use up but making progress with the units ready to assemble!

I started a part-time job this past week! I am working at Discount Fabric Warehouse in Lihue! This could be a serious problem (or a very good problem!) for someone like me without a stash!

It was quite the learning experience, since I haven’t worked retail since the early 1980’s nor stood on my feet all day in a very long time!

AND…drum roll…we got a shipping container of fabrics and sewing machines on my second day! I think it was merely a 20′ container, but it sure held a TON of fabric!! The pallets just kept being off-loaded!! You can see all the pictures on their Facebook page if you would simply LIKE them!!

Here I am with a load of fleece…I’m still not sure why their buyer thinks a shop in Hawaii NEEDS fleece?!?! Obviously, I don’t know everything, so I hope to learn why we have so much fleece! I’ll post more pictures of the shop and cool things I am discovering soon! DFW is a Viking and Baby Lock dealer as well!

I had no idea how much a roll of fleece weighed much less several bolts!!

I had no idea how much a roll of fleece weighed much less several bolts!!

Check out all those gorgeous Hawaiian prints on BOTH sides of the aisle!! They also have a lot of Jinny Beyer Palette, Kona Cotton solids, and other quilting cotton as well as notions, patterns and upholstery, dress making and organic fabrics.

I will be working a couple of days a week to start with so I am sure to have some things to share on that adventure! It may slow up some of my sewing projects, but surely not too much, right?! 😉

Have a great week!


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