Top Ten Tuesday { red and white}

If you have followed my little blog for a while, you know of my quilting friend, Pam. She and I are making another quilt together this Fall, BUT…

She just finished a red and white quilt that is GORGEOUS! She set a goal and finished it, one year after seeing it at Quilt Festival in Houston (as of this writing, I am still anxious to find out the winning quilts for this year!)

So this post from Aurifil could not have been more timely! Go grab a cup of tea or coffee or wine (if it’s late in the day by now!) and browse these red and white beauties!

Have you made a two color quilt? I have one on the bucket list To Do! Drop me a line and share why you love them!



Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday!  Red and White is a classic combination that also has a modern feel.   The crisp clean white makes the red pop and creates an outstanding look to any quilt or embroidery. You can add this timeless mix any time of the year, not only for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Fourth of July.  Check out these free quilt and embroidery patterns from top designers and bloggers.  Look through your stash of fabrics and Aurifil threads to make a beautiful Red and White to add to your collection!


1. Scandinavian Red & White by Tom Pudding Designs
2. Red and White Quilt by Susan Emory for Michael Miller Fabrics
Red and White Quilt
3. Charming Stars Quilt by Stefanie Roman for Moda Bake Shop.  Red and white version by Snippets Of A Quilter
4. Candy Cane Quilt designed by Darlene Zimmerman for All People Quilt

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