And the winners are…!!

If you are lucky this year to attend the Houston’s Internationa Quilt Festival, you are lucky indeed!! It is an awesome thing to see…

George R Brown Convention Center

George Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas

It will always remind me of a big cruise ship! And it holds a lot of quilts, quilters, vendors, fabrics, notions, sewing machines and all things quilting, or distantly related, of every shape and color, and on and on!! Every quilter MUST attend Quilt Festival at least once in!

I remember taking my Nana along with aunts, sister-in-law and my mom one year…my grandmother fussed because I insisted she could NOT attend Festival without a wheel chair. (I had been before…I knew how much walking and standing would be involved!)

Of course, she complained, groaned and moaned about it all the way to Houston. However, once inside…her eyes got as big as saucers, with a big grin on her face (because in a wheelchair, she got to go to the head of the line, too!) she crossed her arms, and said, “I won’t say another word.” I wish I had snapped a picture of her as we entered the convention center!

She didn’t keep her arms crossed for long…she wanted to take as much of it in, and as well as ON, as much as we could bag up for her and hang off the handles on the wheelchair!! She was enchanted, a bit overwhelmed, but so excited about all that is “THE quilt show” of Texas! I am so glad she was healthy, feisty and raring to go and that I have a super special memory of her and our adventure!! 🙂

It is fascinating to walk the floor, listening to all the International voices, see all the colors and excitement that bursts inside that cavernous space! Laughter, oohs and aaahhs, and hearing over and over, “I want that!”, “Oh, how cute!”, “I’ll take x number of yards of this,” and, forevermore repeated, “How am I going to get it all in the bag, suitcase, car, plane, or box to ship it back home?!”  And, of course, all the QUILTS!!! Every shape, style and size imaginable!

Photo courtesy of – this is just a very tiny portion of the convention floor!!

ANYWAY…the winners of this year’s Festival are stunning. Enjoy browsing through the photos and dream big! These winners sure did…and look how lucky they are!! 😀

If you are near Houston, or Texas for that matter!, you still have time to attend!! The show runs through Sunday, November 1st! Get on your good walking shoes, grab some cash and/or plastic money, and GO! You won’t be disappointed!!



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