Tree Stump…Gone!

Aloha and Happy Friday!

I wanted to give you an update on the stump removal in the front yard…IT IS DONE!! Whoohoo!!

Mr. G has worked so hard to chop, hack, and haul away the final bit of the tree that we started removing w-a-y back in June!!

Here was how it looked when we moved in…


In the beginning…what a mess!

Remember, the chicken-coop bromeliad patch had to go first…

...cleared and GONE!!

Bromeliads…cleared and GONE!!

Then the tree was cut down…



And lastly, the stump had to be dealt with…




Our water meters are top center of this photo (they look like flat stepping stones)


Isn’t it way better?!?!  Five months of blood, sweat, blisters and sore muscles and it is DONE! The African Tulip tree will come down as well but not yet. We’ll try to get the grass seed started to cover the cleared spot. We have to chase the dove away from eating the seed!

So now what to do? Well, the trees along our rim lot have been happily growing all this time…Mr. G is ready to take out a few more of the bamboo!

Yea, and this isn't even one of the super TALL ones...LOL!

Yea, and this isn’t even one of the super TALL ones…LOL!

It’s still hard to believe we’ve been here for six months! This stump removal took quite a bit of time. Mr. G will now be able to focus on the rim clearing as well as watching the plants grow and spread in our new flower beds.

We received three FREE new plants on the National Arbor Day event here. I posted a picture of our selections on my Instagram account.

Stay tuned!


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