As the year comes to a close…

Good Wednesday afternoon to you all! Thanks for stopping by! Can you believe it’s New Year’s Eve eve!?!? High fives all around…WE MADE IT!! Another year is about to say “so long, see ya later!”

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! We met some friends for the Kauai Chorale performance at the St. Regis Princeville Resort.We Skyped with our children and grandchildren…it isn’t the same as spending the holiday with them, but it’s such a blessing to at least SEE them since they are so far away! Love that technology!


Our First Christmas in Hawaii!

As the month of December seems to be flying slipping by and we quickly approach the New Year, here is the latest around our little piece of paradise!

Mr. G continues to clear the uglies from our yard, not only our rim lot, but the undeveloped lot across the street from us!

Here a “before” photo of the lot from August…remember the abandoned car?

Before lot mowed 0802152


Here it is now…


Notice how fast that darn buffalo grass grows back?! If the rains will hold off in January, Mr. G will have the rest of this knocked back down and will be able to keep it mowed. Our neighbor has offered to help with his riding mower…whoohoo!! Doesn’t it look great?! The kiddos will have a nicely cleared space to play as well as wait for the school bus!

He has cleared some of the bamboo, but notice the new stalks (shoots?) that have already caught up with the old ones? You can see the brown casings it sheds as it grows and keeps reaching for the sky! The banana plants to the right have grown quickly, too! You can see Mr. G as the small human effort in this jungle! He also cut down the unidentified tree (no one seemed to know what kind it was!) just past the orange property marker. The tree’s stump came out rather easily.


Here is a couple of the bamboo beasts cut down to dry…and one piece up close for scale…almost 7 inches across!



I’ve been busy making some more driftwood items…ornaments for the tree! I’ll be making more of these for sure…gathering all the materials is the fun part! 🙂



Here I am after gathering and stowing the pieces in the car…my friend Emma joined me in the search for the just right pieces and then a nice walk along the shore! This is just down the road from us where the Wailua River meets the ocean.

We have checked some other areas for driftwood, but this beach seems to be the best so far (even though, by this photo, there isn’t any in this specific area!)
Driftwood gathering day with Emma

Check back tomorrow for a quick recap of our 2015! It was an amazing, crazy, frustrating, and blessed year!

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!



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