Short & Simple Resolutions for 2016

Once again, we are at the beginning of a new year! Are you excited?! If you are like me, I look back to see if I met my goals for the previous year.

You can go back to my post here for the new year of 2015…it’s a short post so come on back when you finish! I really only had 3 “resolutions” as well as the move to Kauai. Did I succeed on all of them?! Well…of course not! But, we did make it to Hawaii and that, in and of itself, was a huge resolution we can check off the list – DONE!

#1 was “more finishes”…well, I wasn’t able to finish a UFO a month. The main reason? Most of said UFO’s are still in storage in Oklahoma! Ugh! I did finish quite a few tops before we moved and I did make a complete quilt this year and have two more in the works. I better put this on the list again for 2016! 🙂

#2 was “try a new technique or learn a new skill”. I want this one on my list every year! I did this fabric basket but I discovered it’s not my favorite thing by a long shot!


A wonky bowl-like thing

And I made some ornaments that turned out cute!


Cute and fun!

I definitely have a new technique on the 2016 agenda…landscape and/or thread painted quilting. The modern quilts are giving me some inspiration, too! I am really intrigued by these images…

Modern log cabinWater


#3 was to “be more consistent with the blog.” I did as many posts as 2014, which was good. But I know I will do better in 2016! I have quite a few things in the works, so as they start happening, I know I will have a hard time NOT sharing that fun stuff!!

So…my resolutions for 2016? I think I will up-cycle the 2015 resolutions…keeping it simple…keeping it real! We have the biggie resolution done, so now it’s time to settle in, hunker down and get busy!

This was a great meme for 2015 so I think I’ll use it again this year!


For now, I’m outa here…we spent our first day of the new year exploring a couple of beach areas. I have some seashells and driftwood to clean up!

And we have new neighbors…they are retiring here from Maryland! Who can blame them, right?! It’s way too cold back there! (That’s a wee dig at our son-in-love…he’s from Maryland, too!)




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