Let’s Write a Pattern!

Happy Monday to you! Has your coffee (or caffeine eye-opener of choice) kicked in? Let’s get this week going, ok?

I mentioned in this post my New Year’s resolutions being some new things to try now that we are a bit more settled. A blog came up on Facebook this morning that had some mental bells dinging in my mind…my coffee had just about kicked in by then! Look out! Creative wheels going into over-drive!! LOL

Meadow Mist Designs is starting a new series of pattern writing blogs. If you are like me, you’ve tweaked a quilting pattern or two in your creative endeavors. Did you ever think of creating your very own pattern…to give away or possibly sell? I have!

I created this quilt design using a Tri-Rec Ruler (a new ruler for me!) at the end of 2014 and received a lot of positive feedback on it when I posted this blog! I think I will use this as my first attempt at pattern writing!


Turquoise Stars

Cheryl Brickey is a chemical engineer and patent agent by day and quilter by night who has already published or given away 30 patterns! How great is that!?! Who better to help us tackle the road blocks in getting a pattern from start to finish…successfully!

I am sharing her blog series with you today in case you haven’t seen it yet. Let’s follow along and see if her series inspires us to give it a go!! Click on her logo below!

Meadow Mist Designs

I will post my test pattern adventure on my blog so check back often! Heck, if you haven’t already, click on the box to the right to get email updates when I post a new blog. It is FREE, nothing is required from WordPress to get updates, and I don’t even see your email address much less give or share any of your personal information!

Leave me a comment if you like the series and/or plan to play along! I’d love to hear about YOUR pattern!! 🙂



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