Let’s Write a Pattern Part. 2

Cheryl over at Meadow Mist Designs has given some great info in her post today! Be sure to check it out! If you are new to my blog, click on the blue circle for the beginning of the series!

Meadow Mist Designs


PWS – How to Write a Quilt Pattern – Topic 2 – Quilt Design and Inspiration

I will add my own brief thoughts on each of her points with my quilt top Turquoise Stars.

A. Design Process – If you follow me on Pinterest, you can see my boards of Quilts Make Me Happy and Quilt Patterns. I find inspiration from blogs, Facebook, magazines, photographs, etc. I like storing them on Pinterest or to a special folder on my computer as Cheryl suggests.

B. Organizing my Designs – I, too, have sub-folders in my Quilt Ideas folder on my computer. I have sub-folders labeled as “Traditional”, “Modern” and “Beachy”. Organize yours in whatever catchy title helps you!

C. Designing with Limitations – well, limitations seems logical if you need help corralling all the possibilities an idea can entail. For my design, I limited it to the fabric I had in the stash and it had to use a block designed with the Tri-Rec ruler. That kept any other distraction back in the computer folders!

D. Starting from a Design vs. Fabric Collection – in my pattern, refer back to C. I had these fabrics and I wanted it to be “beachy”. I also wanted it to be quick and easy!


Learning to make stars with the Tri-Rec rulers

E. Computer Programs for Quilt Design – I have EQ6 that I could have used, but I think my pattern was easy enough without trying to learn new computer software! 😉 BUT, if that is something YOU are savvy with, fire up that computer!

I hope this is taking away some of the fear of pattern making and/or quilt designing. You can do this, too!

Aloha until next time…




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