Let’s Write a Pattern Part. 3

Good Monday morning! Today I continue sharing Meadow Mist Designs blog series on pattern writing. Click on her blue logo if you missed parts 1 and/or 2.

Meadow Mist Designs

I am using my own design called Turquoise Stars to see if I can write a pattern.

After reading her post, here are my comments to each of her points…

A. Breaking the design into blocks – I wanted to learn the technique with the Tri-Rec Ruler(tm) to make stars. So once I had the block I wanted, the design can begin to take shape.


B. Even and Odd Number of Blocks – I only had enough of the hibiscus fabric (also called the focus fabric) for 12 blocks. That made this part of the process easy!


Layout option 1


Layout option 2

C. Multiple Quilt Sizes within a Pattern – this star could easily multiply (if I had had more fabric!) to make a larger quilt and making fewer blocks would make a small quilt. I would have to determine the fabric requirements for more stars and the background. For my first pattern attempt, I will keep the free pattern as the size I made. Happily, I am not daunted by creating the next pattern with more size options! 🙂

D. Two Ways to Make Multiple Sized Quilts – I agree with making a pattern simple to use, regardless of the size. The best patterns (IMHO) only change the number of blocks to make for the size adjustment, but not the measurements to create a different sized block. A lot of quilters tweak patterns after they make a sample block anyway. The size options could easily get you bogged down trying to plan for every possible option!

E. Borders or not? – I knew my floating stars needed a frame, so that was easy. Sometimes, a design just needs a binding – like a baby quilt or charity quilt. I also liked the idea of pulling the tiny bit of orange out of the focus fabric for a bit of pop. I chose a thin inner border and an outer border. I really liked this orange fabric called “Suds” by Patrick Lose Studios for RJR Fabrics.


Can you see the bits of orange?

F. Determining the size of the block – I can’t recall the size of the block! I’ll have to do better on that. But I would know that back in step A.

G. My Design Process for Turquoise Stars – again, I knew I had this particular fabric and I wanted to learn the Tri-Rec Ruler along with a friend. I was limited by the amount of fabrics on hand – I was stash-busting! After I made the blocks, I determined (with a LOT of input from quilting friends on Facebook on this post!) that the stars looked their best set on point. THEN, I realized I would not have enough of the white tone-on-tone for the setting triangles but I found another white in my stash that blended well enough. The only additional fabric I purchased was the orange bubbles.

H. Fabric Options – for me, see A and G.

I hope this series is giving you the courage to create your own quilt and perhaps even a pattern to share! I like how the series is breaking it down…step-by-step…and it really isn’t hard at all!

Check back next week and let’s do this!



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