Let’s Write a Pattern Part. 4

Good Monday morning! I am sharing the pattern writing series from Meadow Mist Designs. Again, if you are new here, click on the blue logo to go back for parts 1-3 in the series. Then check my previous blogs on Mondays for my own pattern.

Without further ado, let’s go!

Meadow Mist Designs

This part pertains to general pattern guidelines. Read Cheryl’s post here and then come back here for my thoughts as I begin the drafting process of Turquoise Stars!


A. Audience – I think my pattern is easy enough for everyone…beginner to experienced. It may look complicated to a newbie so I want to make sure the pattern has easy to follow directions.

B. Basic Instructions – I will assume anyone selecting to make my pattern will have some quilting experience. Most quilters today utilize YouTube videos (and there are some fabulous tutorials out there!) I like the idea of sharing external sites for more detailed instructions on actual techniques. My design for Turquoise Stars uses the Tri-Rec ™ ruler and I shared some tips for using it on my blog!


Learning to make stars with the Tri-Rec rulers

C. Assumptions/Pattern Notes – This part was very helpful to me! I always look at this section on a pattern to see if I have (or can easily get!) everything needed to have a successful experience making a project. I definitely will have this explained on my pattern, too! These two rulers make the stars in my pattern!



D. Pattern Piece Library – This was another useful tip! It will be so easy to set up a folder on my computer to house all these often used instructions. I catch myself going back to my notebook for notes on binding, even after making as many quilts as I have in the past. Even if you don’t write a pattern, this is a great tip for storing other tips and tricks for quilting success!

E. Term Consistency – Being consistent in writing is challenging – I know…I write this blog and edit my husband’s books! The blog is pretty casual but for pattern instructions, I will pay close attention to the details to get them correct. I am grateful to have quilting friends to call upon for checking as well.

F. Naming Conventions- Wow! Details, details, details, right?! But her point is so valid! I can’t be slack when naming the components of the block! Since my pattern only has 3 fabrics, I think I will use Fabric A, B & C.

G. Pressing – for my pattern, it will be important to press towards the darker fabric and away from the white. This is also where I will state the finished size of the unit, blocks, etc. Cheryl received several comments on this and they are right! Knowing what size the block should finish makes the user feel confident early in the process. Don’t you love it when the block comes out just like the pattern states?! I sure do!

I hope you are enjoying the series as much as I am! Check back next Monday for Part. 5!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!



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