Let’s Write a Pattern Part. 8

My apologies, again!, for being a day late with my attempt to write a pattern using Meadow Mist Designs blog series! Here is the link for her blog, so hop over for a quick read then come back here for my thoughts, ok?!

Meadow Mist Designs

This part of the series deals with testing the pattern. Since I am not quite at this part in my process, I can only think back on the top as I was winging constructing it…and that was a while back. None the less, I can totally appreciate the need to test a pattern before it is considered DONE!

I have helped Mr. G with editing his books, so I look at “testing the pattern” exactly as proofing, not only the measurements, but the mechanics necessary to create the final product. Do I have everything spelled correctly? Does it make sense…meaning, are the steps in a logical order? Are the illustrations or diagrams in the correct sequence? Ultimately, will the end result look like the photo on the pattern?

I will have to find a pattern tester, but I have a wonderful quilt guild here in Kauai as well as other quilting friends I can bribe easily get to help me…I’m pretty sure! 😉

I especially like the section Cheryl has for sample tester questions. Six very specific questions that should give me the feedback I need to make any improvements in the process. Quilters will always have opinions, right?!! Haha!

She also mentioned some hints of upcoming discussions so be sure to check out her blog for those! Thanks again, Cheryl!

I mentioned in this post about installing EQ6, but I had some technical issues (which I resolved all by myself…I’m not going to lie…I am pretty proud of that!) Now I have it up and running! I was able to get the block and top designed in the software and almost printed! I still have some things to tweak like learning how to save the images (this is just a screen shot in a word document…not quite the right outcome) but I am almost ready to find a pattern tester! Stay tuned!!

Turquoise Stars


I mentioned in this post some more big news coming…and I feel confident enough that it is going to happen, so…here goes…(deep breath)

I am a Statler by Gammill owner!! Whew! That’s a giant leap for me!! It isn’t just a long arm quilting system…it’s the best of the best (IMHO) and I have  dreamed of owning one for more than a decade!

The logistics of getting anything to Kauai can be daunting (the bigger it is, the harder it is!) and this was no exception.

I received the bill of lading notification today from the shipper that it has been picked up and is finally on it’s way from Missouri!! I don’t anticipate it arriving before the month of April, but I am just thrilled it is beginning its journey to Kauai!!

I can’t wait to share it with you soon!

Have a great Tuesday!! Aloha!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Garden Crafter
    Mar 02, 2016 @ 02:43:08

    Oh I’m sooo happy for you! Do tell us all about it. I have often wondered, if I could afford one, which one would be best. Looking forward to your posts!

    Liked by 1 person


    • Tracy
      Mar 02, 2016 @ 17:00:43

      Thank you! I’m super excited! I learned on a Statler so I knew I didn’t want to settle for any other machine. I’ll keep you posted…thanks for stopping by!! Aloha!



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