Kauai Quilt Show 2016-Setup Day

Putting a quilt show together, no matter the size, is a lot of work! The committee plans way in advance for advertising and promotion as well as finding a venue and sponsors.

Today was setup day for the show and I captured a few photos of what goes on behind the scenes. We are using the Kauai Society of Artists’ space at the Kukui Grove Center (mall).

Kukui Grove mall.jpg

An empty space waiting to be filled…



The guys getting ready to setup the poles for the quilts to hang from…thank you!


The quilts start arriving and will have a typed card with information on the front with the name of the quilt and maker. Another paper is attached to the back noting if the quilt will be judged and/or is for sale.



Once the poles are assembled, sheeting is attached to display the quilts…


Now that the quilts are checked in, labeled and hangers attached they are stacked and waiting for their spot in the show!



My quilts are in this pile somewhere!


A request for someone to go up the very tall ladder to hang the donation quilt…guess who was the brave one?! That would be me!




After the donation quilt is hung, the spot light was adjusted and two of my quilting friends, Elizabeth and Cheryl stand in for a test photo! See how much fun this is?!


Meanwhile, sorting and pricing is going fast and furious for the White Elephant Sale! This was where I spent most of my time. There will be an awesome White Elephant on display…check back tomorrow for that! All of the items have been graciously donated and the proceeds will go to charity. There is fabric, patterns, notions, magazines, books and other miscellaneous items that have been collected over the past year just for this.


And then, the quilts start going up!


There is still a heap of quilts to hang…opinions are given, discussed and considered as the show is hung…the quilts get rearranged a few times…




It’s a bit messy but no quilt is harmed in this process!

Check back tomorrow for the finished setup…I had to leave early but I’ll be there for opening day and the “Meet the Quilter” evening!

The Kauai Quilt Show is March 18 – 29 and is FREE admission! We’d love to see you there!






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