Kauai Quilt Show-Meet the Quilters

Opening day of the Kauai Quilt Show 2016 was fantastic! The day ended with “Meet the Quilter” reception. Not all of the quilts were represented by their respective maker but I snagged a few photos of those in attendance. I will try to get photos of everyone who entered a quilt as the show continues through March 29 so keep checking back!

I took this photo as soon as I arrived for my 2 o’clock shift. The tables in the center will be for the reception.



There are 60 quilts on display! On the display cubes are charity quilts for purchase. I believe we sold five already! I assisted in the sale of the quilt on the left below! A nice couple visiting from Sacramento, CA purchased it as well as a charity quilt!


Here is the cute “Sahlei” sign for the White Elephant Sale area!


I was taking pictures quickly and didn’t get everyone’s name but I will come back later and add names. For now…just enjoy a few of the quilts along with their maker…in no particular order! Even those without a ribbon prize are awesome!


Lastly, me…Bali Pop Rocks on the left had to be folded in half for display (we had to do this for a few quilts due to space limitations) and granddaughter Evelyn’s quilt on the right.

I’ll post more pictures later!

I hope you enjoy these and have a great Saturday!











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