The Lady is Here!

It’s been a busy morning with the electrician replacing one light fixture and two ceiling fans plus installing a new one in the master bath! More light and air movement is always good, right!?

The ceiling fan in the guest bedroom wasn’t much help in the lighting area and the fan made an odd sound…a low hum with a bit of clicking, too. That just won’t do for a guest bedroom!


This one is sleek, quiet and has lighting options including a dimmer switch!


The ceiling fan in the living room was not stable, it was hard to change the bulbs when needed, as well and the Tiffany style light fixture has seen better days (a long time ago!)…I found these photos from our first walk-through in the house…has it already been almost a year since we closed on our paradise home?! Yes, yes it has!

This is much better! Sorry the light isn’t great…might have been helpful to actually turn on the lights before taking a picture…smh! I promise I’ll take better photos when The Lady is in her special spot at the left!


The master bath light fixture was lacking a bit of something…charm, to be sure! Yes, this is actually how it has been for almost a year…good lighting but not much else! Good looking? Heck, no!! 😦


Now it is much better…a ceiling fan for a damp environment (our bath towels never seemed to get dry!) and the air flow is awesome!


A little bit of touch up paint around the mounting and we are done!

Thanks to Sean with Blue Sky Electric for a terrific installation! He has updated our breaker box, corrected overloaded circuits, added an outlet on the front lanai, switched out all the above lighting and isn’t scared to come back for the rest on our checklist! He also assures me the outlets for the living area are ready to go…

I mentioned in this post about purchasing a Statler Stitcher by Gammill. The lady arrived today courtesy of YRC Freight (over land and sea!) and Aloha Freight Forwarders here in Kauai! She traveled at least 4,350 miles…trucked over the mainland from Missouri to California, then on a ship from California direct to Kauai and lastly on a truck from the port in Lihue to my driveway with a gentle push into the garage. My thanks to all those along the way who took such good care of her!


Here are the measurements and weights of the crates…it’s hard to tell how big they are by the photo! 😉

190 lbs. – 56” x 30” x 32”

 220 lbs. – 56” x 30” X 32”

 35 lbs. – 49” x 25” x 10”

 605 lbs. – 175” x 16” x 33” – This would be the 14′ quilting frame!

 176 lbs. – 52” x 14” x 48”

She is patiently waiting in her crates for her debut on April 8! Stay tuned for the unveiling, setup and installation! Almost a month in a wooden crate is long enough! Hmm…now, what to name her? Suggestions?!

I can hardly wait!!! The truck and perhaps the car will just have to get a bit of sun by not being in the garage until the end of next week! 🙂



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