Let’s See What’s in the Boxes!

Yesterday was a happy day! The team from The SewNSew in California, owners John and Shelly and their wonder guy and awesome technician, Darryl arrived to uncrate, lift, carry and assemble all the many wonders that came in two wooden crates and three boxes!



The pivotal access table was uncrated first. Fourteen feet plus of lumber, nails and metal straps. Darryl ran the saw down the sides of the top plywood to get the crowbar under and bust it loose. John is working to remove the side pieces of the table in the smaller wooden crate.


Removing the plywood to reveal the rails…


The rails are actually bolted to the ends of the crates so those have to be removed before the rails can come out…


This is PART of Darryl’s tool box…he could only get so much in the bag to fit in his suitcase!


Here are the sides of the pivot access table…the frame for quilting.


Now to get the rails in the house…remember…these are 14 feet long…



Ok…well, that way won’t work…they will have to come in straight across the front lanai (with Mr. G standing in the flowerbed to bridge the distance from sidewalk to front door)…John backs the rails back out for the second attempt.



Once inside, they wait their turn in the dining room…the main piece of the frame comes in next. Ruby is making sure the poles don’t try to get away! 😉


This part of the table is welded together…and too wide to fit through the front door. Good thing we have nice big windows for it to fit through! This is the tracks the Gammill will travel back and forth across the quilt.



The guys need a break…the pieces have to be arranged just so. The sides will go on next…


While those were being brought in, the top box was opened and a lot of smaller boxes come to light after being crated for about a month! This is the computer and mounting accessories, casters, etc.


Now to see what damage occurred during shipment. This box took a direct hit from something!? Luckily, it was the mount for the computer and it didn’t have a scratch on it! There was a piece of lumber that made its way through this hole into the packing material.


Thankfully, all of these boxes sustained no damage! Whew!



Six strong hands make this assembly go much faster!


Now the table can stand on its own! Hour by hour, it is starting to look awesome!


However, the garage is getting the brunt of the debris! Lumber, nails, packing materials, plastic bags, cardboard boxes,…well, you get the idea!


Remember the end of the crate where the bolts were?



The Gammill is loaded, the rails are mounted and we are getting closer!



Our first glitch was mounting the last rails but it was worked out in about 20 minutes or so. I think most of it was just due to it getting late in the day and new frame changes.

Then the computer is mounted and adjusted to my height!


All the cables and electrical cords are placed, plugged in, tightened and zip-tied in place. The power strip is also zip-tied out of the way so the only cord I step over is to the battery backup!

Everything is turned on, she gets her oil fills and we all stand back and admire The Lady!


The only other glitch is the power switch…it comes on with a green light and a red light…the machine comes on and lights up the needle…but then the green light goes out. A call to Gammill and a new power switch will be on its way…it works but we believe either the lamp has a short or the bulb is going bad.

By 4:30, the day ended with a glass of wine for us and team Gammill off for a nice dinner at Wahoo Seafood Drill & Bar! Job well done!

Let the fun begin!





4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cagreenlee7
    Apr 09, 2016 @ 19:02:12

    Yay! Everything looks great and the house looks awesome too. A lot of hard and got work for the guys but all worth it in the end, so happy for your new adventure!

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Deb
    Apr 10, 2016 @ 08:13:41

    I know you were so ready to get a quilt set for quilting! Great team work!

    Liked by 1 person


    • Tracy
      Apr 10, 2016 @ 11:11:14

      I could hardly wait to play with it! The training went well and I did quilt an E2E design. I loaded another small quilt…not any way close to being done correctly, but I DID get it quilted!! 🙂



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