A Mighty Tree Falls

While my new Statler rests after a couple of days of use by an eager operator (me!), we scheduled a tree cutting day. The last of the mess on the NE corner of our front yard was finally coming down.

We closed on our home a year ago, April 7 and you can see this post of how the corner used to look. The African Tulip was the remaining v-e-r-y tall tree. We are guesstimating about 40 feet!

Again, for those of you who hate cutting down a tree, remember, this tree is growing next to our main water line…it is non-native, it litters the yard with blossoms and leaves CONSTANTLY, as in every day all year long, and super invasive…a perfect example of a trash tree…it has to go.

Here was how it looked the day the tree started to come down…well, at least how it looked about 20 minutes after the guys arrived! I was a bit distracted and didn’t get a photo before they started! They did not fool around!!

(You know it is quite handy to have a neighbor down the street who happens to work for the forestry service and has a tree cutting service on his days off!!)



The cloudy skies only sprinkled a few raindrops and the guys kept at it…here the canopy is now down.


Next, discussions on where to cut the trunk…


The wedge is cut…


…and then the trunk is marked from the opposite side. They have it tied so it will fall away from the power lines…good plan!


And then with the final rip of the chain saw and a pull…


…it lands exactly where they intended! Good job, guys!


It’s hard to believe they got MOST of the tree in this small trailer! Well, I guess not really…the tree was mainly trunk and didn’t have that many branches! But still! They will haul away this load and come back for the remainder after lunch.


Here’s a photo of the remaining stump for perspective. The tree was almost 3-1/2 feet in diameter! It’s roots are not only above the ground in our yard, but the neighbor’s yard and towards the easement in front of our hedge.


So, before and after…

Mr. G has the last load of debris from the lot across the street ready to be removed! It is officially “cleared” and now just needs a weekly mow!

Yea, the new owners are definitely in need of a new fence! But, never mind that…look at the beautiful, clean vacant lot! It is no longer the eye-sore of the neighborhood.


What a year, right?! Mr. G has worked very hard and his efforts are greatly appreciated by me, of course, but also the neighbors!

Now, to get to that rim in the back yard…stay tuned!





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