Hello, May!

Good morning and thanks for stopping by! How does a week go by so fast?!

We had a busy weekend with guests over for dinner, including the new neighbor across the street. He has been super busy working on the inside and outside of his house to make it ready for tenants. The picket fence looks amazing, right?!


Mr. G removed the last bits of the African Tulip tree stump, too! Doesn’t this look so fresh and clean!?! The new next door neighbors have started moving in as well so hopefully the orange property marker will go away soon. We’ve had good rains the last few days and the grass should recover nicely!

I have been busy on the Statler as well. Three more donation quilt tops are now quilted and ready for binding!


I won’t lie…fleece and flannel WITH batting (as requested by the group’s coordinator of charity quilts) was a challenge to both me and the needles! Lesson learned? Use a #4 needle and go with a more open design. Meander works well with flannel. It’s not glamorous but it gets the job done nicely!


The flannel back on this one dictated the original plan for this leaf pattern must go a bit bigger. Yep, the seam ripper got a work out!


This one looked really nice in spite of the odd choice of baseball gloves fabric. BUT, borders kicked my b&## on it I will go back to the online tutorials for that this weekend.

None the less, they turned out fine. This makes 11 donation quilt tops quilted! Not bad for only having the Statler just under a month! Here is a bit of the backs.


I was feeling pretty confident as well since I also quilted a large quilt for my first paying customer! She took it so quickly I didn’t get a photo of it completed and she packed it in her suitcase for a trip to Florida! I am so glad she was thrilled with it!

I put this quilt top on the frame and struggled a bit with it, but it is done! I won’t tell you where the mistake is but I PROMISE it is in there! You can read this post to see how this top started. Remember all the stash busting I was doing before we moved to Kauai? This one I finished back in 2013! UFO-DONE!


I really like this pattern. It’s called “Split Personality” and reminds me of “Falling Charms” but on a bigger scale. I thought about putting feathers in the white rows but that was just a bit too much for me to jump off and try just yet! Patience, patience…slow down there, sista!

That’s it for now. I’m off to learn some more tips and tricks on this Lady! Have a wonderful rest of your week!




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