Happy Mother’s Day

I hope all the mom’s out there are having a super day! You’ve earned it!

My Mother’s Day is two days long…Yesterday we Skyped with our daughter and her family in Okinawa, Japan. They are 19 hours ahead of us…weird that it is already tomorrow there.

She sent me a wonderful card and mini-photo album filled with snapshots of Evelyn’s first six months. She made a book for my mom as well and sent it here. My parents will be visiting from New Mexico in a few days so she will get it then.

Today we Skyped with our son and his family. I love that technology keeps us connected even though we are all so far apart. Thank you Mr. Skype whoever you are!

It’s a short post today…we have been getting our laptops up and running. How in the world does it take so many passwords to do ANYTHING these days!? I am terrible at remembering them. Especially, the ones for things I set up once and fug-get about it…like Outlook (email)!

We’ve things to do to make the house ready for our guests, so Ta-ta for now! We have some fun things planned for the parents to enjoy while they are here. Domestic duty calls so no sewing today. I don’t mind…I have beautiful flowers all around to enjoy!

Have a blessed day!


Love that pink!






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