May Showers & Hawaiian Flowers

We had a rainy Memorial Day weekend…it was productive none the less! I was able to finish a few things and I delivered a total of eight quilted charity tops ready for binding as well as one of my own which was quilted and bound…DONE!

Here is my first attempt at echo quilting on the Statler! These medallions are normally sold as 10-inch squares called “Bali Tiles” but I discovered at my LQS they are available as yardage as well. I thought I’d try to make some table runners! That should be pretty simple, right?!

I don’t know why I thought I had to change the spacing on the echo around each medallion, but I did. Lesson learned…stop fooling with stuff when I don’t need to do so!



My second one was better I think! I’ll do a bit more quilting next time to take out some of the puffiness…this was just batting scraps so perhaps use a different type as well.


This beautiful floral fabric was on sale so I used it for both backs.  Doesn’t it seem to be a lovely finish after all our May rain showers?


I think I will make some more of these for sale as well as display in a cabinet we have. Tell me how you like it!


I finished binding our daughter’s quilt that she let me practice quilting. The green batik I used for binding the first table runner worked beautifully with her quilt!


One very successful quilter says “Finished is better than Perfect”…I hope that is true for this quilt, too!

Another thing I did this weekend was purchase my first digital patterns – they are purchased online and downloaded to my laptop computer. I then copy them to a USB drive and transfer to the Statler computer. Success!!

Won’t these be fun on future quilts?! 🙂


Lastly, I am ready to be finished with this seascape…here is a sneak peek. I’m not loving it but, again, finished is better than perfect. I hope to finish it this week…hope!


Summer is officially here and our new split a/c units are working great! Bring on the sunshine and flowers…I hope you have wonderful summer plans to make it a good one!




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