June Donation Quilts & Gold!

I know June isn’t quite over but our monthly friendship circle meets the last Sunday of the month. This month, however, Saturday was selected for a “work” day…a day to bind quilts and assemble more quilt tops by our group. Thus, I will be returning six quilted tops tomorrow!

Here are some close ups of the last three I quilted this week…I really like the turtle fabric for the backing. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough for all three quilt tops.


The best match was to use up some of this blue for the backs…


Soon after I started quilting the top with the blue squares, I notice this on my needle and thread plate. Hmmm…very strange. There weren’t any signs or noises indicating metal rubbing against anything. There isn’t even anything gold on the machine.

Gold dust 1Gold dust 2

After I started quilting the green top, noting the same thing, different day, I sent a text to my Gammill dealer in California asking if this was normal. I continued stitching and then…aha! Light bulb moment!

It was coming from the backing fabric! Duh! It has a metallic gold filigree!

GOld dust 3.jpg

Glad I figured it out! Too bad there wasn’t enough “gold” to gather…that machine could be making me some extra fabric money!! 🙂

I texted the dealer back, saying “never mind”…ahem! :/

None the less, here is what I will be delivering tomorrow!


Have a great weekend!

Oh, and don’t get too excited if your sewing machine starts sprinkling gold dust…that’s asking a bit too much from the quilting faeries!  🙂





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  1. Sandy Robbins Defatta
    Jun 24, 2016 @ 14:49:32

    Love the gold dust story Tracey! Love the fabric too! Do you buy your fabric there locally and if so do they have a website and would they sell and ship to mainland? Thanks!
    Sandy DeFatta

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    • Tracy
      Jun 24, 2016 @ 19:15:08

      Sandy, I believe the green leaf fabric came from Hilo Hatties…after the shirt/muumuu production ends, excess fabric is cut into squares. It is very hit or miss to catch these squares before they are gone. I am not sure where the other fabrics came from. We are blessed with 3 wonderful fabric shops on island and they gladly offer shipping. Check out Vicky’s Fabrics, Kapaia Stitchery and Discount Fabric Warehouse sites. Thanks for asking!



  2. stitchinggrandma
    Jun 25, 2016 @ 01:30:59

    Wow, gold dust! Those quilt fairies do tease!! You are putting your long arm to good work with so many charity quilts. Blessings.

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