Kauai Quilt Show 2017

The Kauai Quilt Show 2017 will be from February 10-22 at the Kukui Grove Shopping Center, Lihue at the Kauai Society of Artists location. Thank you KSA for allowing us the use of your space.

Here are a few photos from this year’s setup…thanks to all the volunteers!


We are in a new space this year so the layout was carefully planned.


The poles are going up as quilts are being delivered!


Quilts being checked in.


Each quilt is labeled and numbered.


Once labeled, they are ready to hang!


Measuring, lighting is adjusted, hanging & rearranging quilts…busy, busy, busy!


2 of 3 baskets of donation quilts tagged and ready for sale!


Every quilt entered will be displayed…these are waiting for their spot.

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow of the final setup. It came together great and will be an awesome show! We have over 70 quilts and 20+ donation quilts. Various quilts are for sale and there will be Viewer’s Choice awards.

I hope you can attend! Admission is free!





What the?!

Excuse me!? What happened to October? How can it already be the first week of November!?

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened…as I am sure the same is true for you! This seems to always happen, right? One minute you are just recovering from a new roof and then family arrives and goes home (*sniff*) and now it’s already time for the holidays?! Like I said, “What the?!”

Time flies when your hands are busy. So here is a fast recap to catch up…

Grandies came for a wonderful visit and they loved the beach!!

On their Facebook page, I saw this photo of the bedspread I custom quilted for Pu’uwai Design in Koloa…in it’s new home! How gorgeous is this setting!?!? 🙂


My cousin was so happy with her custom quilt made with tropical weight batting (super thin cotton). She took inspiration from her favorite artist, Steve Mei for incorporating  a soothing waterscape across Kona White. I even made matching king size pillow shams! A first for me! Lovely!


I quilted more donation quilts!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I quilted a few customer quilts! (Three of these were flannel and super soft!!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I even got one I “made a long time ago” quilted! Check off one UFO! WhooHoo!!


It is completely done…labeled, too! It looks so nice in the guest bedroom!


I sold a lap quilt and a wall hanging!

I am almost finished with a commissioned quilt. I’ll post about that when it is complete and received by the customer – a high school friend in Texas.

I have worked on other things as well but I am running out of space for photos on the blog. I’m not sure how I will fix that but will address it on another day. In the meantime, I will continue to post almost daily on Instagram and Facebook.

Our quilt show in Kauai will be in February, so I have to work on my entries for that. They are pieced and ready to be quilted with the exception of one. I’m feeling pretty good about that!!! But…they have to be finished in January so it’s too soon to celebrate!

Check out my Facebook Page here for other photos as I get more things quilted and projects in progress. *Like* my page, please, and keep up with my quilting projects!

I am up to 389 but hope to have 500 followers by the end of the year. It’s right around the corner so don’t delay!! Stop by soon!

And since Christmas is quickly approaching (as well as cooler temps!) check out my Etsy shop for some gifts. Or message me if you don’t see something you’d like…give the gift of something handmade and one-of-a-kind…made in Kauai!!




The Lull Before the Storm

I sit here watching a steady rain falling on the bright green foliage in our front yard. We are awaiting land fall of Tropical Storm Darby. We are hoping it does nothing more than drop a lot of rain with not-so-strong winds. We are very thankful it didn’t remain at hurricane status!!

We have plenty of provisions and fingers crossed we don’t lose power.

The prediction of its path has changed a bit and now Kauai is set for a direct mark. We are the little round island shown as green just above the 8 AM Mon.


Now we just wait.

Not only for a storm, but the arrival of our guests from Norman. Imant, Becca and their two small children are set to fly out Monday morning and, we hope, the storm will be well ahead of them so that they don’t have any delays.

Our other friends, Steven and Gwen, left mid-week and are now safely in China visiting their son. What a wonderful time we had with them during their stay! We celebrated 30+ years of friendship with good food and drinks, lots of laughs, and mostly sunshine during their stay.

Steve Gwen visit 0716

They were enchanted with the island and we showed them the highlights…Kalalou Lookout, the Waimea Canyon, Anini Beach, Poipu Beach…and we enjoyed eating out several times. Here was our sunset during dinner at the St. Regis in Princeville.

Sunset 072016

Muddy hikes and a kayak tour up the Wailua River to Secret Falls. It was so much fun having them here to see just a tiny part of what Kauai has to offer!

With the arrival of our other friends, we will begin a major project to the house…new hardwood flooring!

All the carpet will be ripped out and this will go in its place. One bathroom will be getting a makeover as well. Won’t this be fun!? :/

I hope to get at least one more top quilted before the storm hits and/or the Gammill longarm gets moved. Wish me luck! 😉

Have a great Sunday!





Recovering from a Retreat

Aloha to everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I hope your July 4th was spectacular!

I am recovering from a quilting retreat…wait…a FABULOUS quilting retreat! Three full days of sewing, laughter and memories, brunches and dinners of good food (anytime someone else cooks, it’s good, right?!), entertainment and best of all…a gracious teacher giving us her tips and tricks and personal stories. We were definitely indulged!

We started last Wednesday with a Meet ‘n Greet with Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Co. Our hostesses were Susan and Rita of Indulge Retreats and the retreat was held at Kauai Beach Resort. Our goody bag was filled with wonderfully indulgent things like Godiva chocolate, sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle and beach towel!



Day One – a mini tutorial for the Disappearing Hourglass pattern. Depending on the way the block is turned, you can choose from a couple of options.


I chose the second option and with these fabrics…a productive first day! The “hourglass” blocks on the right are ready to be cut and sewn into stars!


Here are a few photos of our space and attendees!


Maile from Vicky’s Fabrics had a corner space for her pop up shop! She also gave quick tutorials for Sashiko and Furoshiki tying. So convenient for those who “needed” something for their project(s)! 😉


Day Two – Jenny’s mini tutorial for today is “Jump Rings”.


And here is my production for this pattern! In a day, several of these can be made!


Treats were left on our sewing machines every day! Chocolate is always good at retreats!

Jenny is always gracious for a photo op…I brought in a top I had recently made using her pattern “Falling Charms” and snapped a picture with her!


She was always available for questions and even whistled and sang on occasion during her own sewing time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also had a bit of entertainment…a blast from the past…our hostesses bringing back Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon performing as Carmac the Magnificent!


Day Three – our tutorial for today is “Chopped Block”. I was not too fond of this particular pattern based on the photo in the book. Jenny assured me it was the fabric choice in the sample. She showed us the class sample and it was a definite improvement. Remember, fabrics can make or break a pattern.


Here is a sampling of what I accomplished for that day…I had made more but I guess I forgot to take the picture to prove it! :/


Here is what some of the other ladies accomplished. I wish I had taken more photos…some of the designs are going to end in fabulous finishes!


We ended the day with a working trunk show by Jenny…as well as more photo ops and book signings. Jenny’s “entourage” is her husband…yep, that’s it. He held up the quilts, helped her recall how fabrics were supposed to be laid out when she got ahead of herself and took lots of photos for us! A big hug to him!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sadly, Day Four – a fast tutorial on “Tag Team”…and my pictures didn’t come out well. None the less, I managed to get a few blocks made before we had to pack up our things. You can see Maile’s quilt in her “shop” photo above.


Our final brunch and lots of thank you’s for a great time! We ended in a large circle singing (or attempting!) to sing a Hawaiian song of blessing.


Lastly, our group photos with the lovely back drop that is Kauai!



The Hawaii Representatives!



The Kauai representatives!


Jenny’s dazzling smile is contagious!


I like to think Jenny and Ron might frame this one!

Thank you Jenny, Ron and to the Indulge Retreat ladies, Susan and Rita, for a wonderful few days! I know I speak for the entire group…we hope you come back again some day!

Aloha and happy sewing!








Lady Luck Strikes Again!

Good Thursday morning to you! Thanks for stopping by!

For #TBT, I send you to this post…remember what I said about entering contests or drawings?! Ok…read on…

If you participated in this year’s Row by Row Experience, you SHOULD have at least finished a row pattern from your closest or most favorite shop so a photo could be submitted for the prize drawing. I only did one row from our little island, Kauai – from Vicky’s Fabrics. I submitted my photo on October 26…whew! just before the deadline of October 31!! Yay, me!!

Row by Row 2015

Row by Row 2015

The shop drew 5 names and mine was one of them!!! Whoohoo!!

Here is my loot prize…!

Door prize from Vicky's Fabrics, Kapaa, HI

Door prize from Vicky’s Fabrics, Kapaa, HI

A very nice cloth logo bag, 2016 Contemporary Quilts calendar, The Big Book of Patchwork from Judy Hopkins, “All Wrapped Up” pattern from In Between Stiches, and a bundle of 6-1/2 yard cuts including Designer Essential Flora by Free Spirit!

I have a gorgeous quilt to look at each month…


I have some sweet fabrics to make something for a sweet new granddaughter…


Perhaps, the pattern “All Wrapped Up” might be just the right thing! AND a big book of possibilities for future projects! What an awesome prize, right?! Thank you, Vicky’s Fabrics!!

So, again, I repeat…enter those contests, giveaways, and/or drawings…EVERY time you can!

One other bit of luck we are enjoying here in Kauai. The Robert Kaufman ‘Kona Cotton 30 Quilts for 30 Years’ trunk show of quilts is here…AGAIN!! You can see the book of quilts here.

The first group of 10 quilts were at Vicky’s shop this past summer. Here is a few of the quilts I saw…


“Picnic Plaid” by Freshly Pieced


“Cascade” by Stitched in Color and “River Run” by Esch House Quilts


“Tangled” by Rita Hodge and “Parallels: Slingshots” by Empty Bobbin Studios

Now, I am working part-time at Discount Fabric Warehouse and they are the lucky recipients of another group of 10 quilts from the book!!

“Twister Shimmer” by Marilyn Foreman


“Lotus” by Julie Herman


“Solids Soire” by Johnna Masko

Here are some close-ups of the quilting…yep, I get to drool over enjoy looking at these every week!

DSC05398 DSC05396 DSC05397

AND, the last group of 10 quilts will be at Vicky’s Fabrics in February!! Aren’t we the lucky ones?! This collection is amazing and to have all 30 quilts on our little island is a BIG DEAL!

I hope you get lucky to view and enjoy these quilts in person, too!! If you get to visit Kauai in November, pop in and say Hi! I’d love to meet you!


With a little luck…

Happy Friday to you! Thanks for popping in!

We dodged another natural disaster bullet this month! The (3)! Category 4 hurricanes skipped right past us last week…then, this week…an 8.8 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile caused a tsunami alert for all the Hawaiian Islands!


NOAA map courtesy of msnbc.com

Thankfully, here in Kauai, this was a non-event. 2-3 foot waves on top of high tide in the wee hours of the morning caused no threat. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those suffering in Chile. I don’t take lightly how truly blessed we are not to be dealing with the aftermath.

So, we took a deep sigh of relief BUT then got this bit of news!

“Alert level for Mauna Loa volcano (Big Island) raised to ‘advisory,’ but eruption not imminent.”

You can read about it here.

Well, that’s good news! It last erupted in 1984. Let’s just hope it keeps rumblin’, but not ‘ruptin’! (That was terrible, I know!)

I think that is MORE THAN ENOUGH natural disasters for one month, I’m just sayin’!!

On a more fun note, last night, we attended the Kauai Chamber of Commerce quarterly meeting. It was hosted by Sheraton Kauai Resorts. There were exciting door prizes…and I was lucky enough to win!

Mr. G dropped his business card in the glass bowl. The ladies at the sign-in desk asked if I wanted to drop my card as well. I said I didn’t have one. They suggested I write my name on the back of his card. So I did and didn’t think more about it. One of the Resort’s contests was Liking their page on Facebook and posting a selfie while attending the event. I did that. Then during the program, it was suggested to post an Instagram photo for increased chances of winning. I did that, too.

We didn’t win the big prize of a night’s stay but I won a free day’s use of the poolside bungalow! Yep, with that business card I wrote my name on! (I think, technically, Mr. G was the winner, but they called my name!!) You can read about it here!


Whoohoo! A nice way to spend a day in beautiful Poipu Beach!

Our week has ended quite nicely! The Trade Winds are back, too! It’s all good!

I wish you a lucky weekend, whatever Mother Nature throws at ya!

Friday Tip of the Week…if there’s a drawing for a prize, ENTER your name as quick as possible!!! You may not win, but you sure won’t win if you don’t try!!

Summer Reading

Our first Independence Day in Hawaii!

Our first Independence Day in Hawaii!

I hope everyone had a safe and sparkly 4th of July celebration!

It’s been unusually warm, for Kauai, the last several days. The trade winds seem to have decided to move north and the temps, though only in the mid-to upper 80’s, feel much warmer without them. Plus we haven’t had any rain for several days…those brief showers along with the clouds are sorely missed!

We did a bit more clearing of the bromeliads the day after the fourth. But the winds were slim to none so we only worked for a few early morning hours. But even tiny progress is progress, right?!

More bromeliads gone as well as a couple of dead trees.

More bromeliads gone as well as a couple of dead trees.

Mr. G is recovering from a horrible allergic reaction to mango…the tree sap and/or spores, not from eating it…we think. The dermatologist said it was definitely contact dermatitis that set his eczema into full blown misery! It’s going on three weeks worth of itching, small blisters and peeling skin…yea, it’s pretty much not fun for him! Clearing the debris of the front yard hen house (aka bromeliad corner) didn’t help matters either! But, trooper that he is, he put on long pants and a long sleeved t-shirt and decided to cut some bamboo from our rim.

Yea, and this isn't even one of the super TALL ones...LOL!

Yea, and this isn’t even one of the super TALL ones…LOL!

Mr. G is just a bit over 6 feet tall, so you can sorta guess how tall this stalk was…but, wait…there is still about 15 or so feet of it still in the ground! We can’t “officially” measure them since they start so far down the rim that we he can’t safely measure any of them.

As you can see, it didn’t make much of dent removing this one…but, one day at a time, one step closer! You can go back to this post to see the view we are trying to find once most of this gets cleared!


Free bamboo if you’ll stop by to cut it and carry it away!

How is your summer reading going? I used to do a lot of reading in the summer but I am way behind most people. I go in spurts of reading non-stop and then I don’t read for a while because I am either moving or sewing non-stop! LOL

I have forgotten so many books that I have read that I started keeping track on Goodreads a few years back. Of course, with all the other things going on in my life, I didn’t keep that up very well. But I am determined to read more books and track them so I can catch up with some of my friends. It also would help if I would give the Outlander series a break…I just want to keep re-reading them!!

#amreading DSC05240

Hawaii plants

These have been helpful, too!

What are you reading this summer? Leave a comment to let me know! A few more titles on my To-Read list won’t hurt!

Otherwise, it’s back to clearing bromeliads…or I’m heading to the beach…or…!


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