Fabric Shop in Okinawa, Japan

Aloha! I’ve been under the weather since our trip to visit this cutie in Okinawa, Japan. It was a chilly, windy week and every one but Evelyn (who, thankfully, just had a runny nose from teething) got sick…allergy, head cold and/or upper respiratory junk is not fun when there is so much to see and do!


Such a cute little “kimono” outfit!

Just in case you think we didn’t get there and back again…


Getting our first stamps in our passports was quite exciting, it went very smoothly and with no delays! 🙂

With the weather and being sick, I still managed to find a fabric shop during our trip! I couldn’t find too much information on the shop but it has been in Okinawa for a good while. I found this article online but not much else.

I don’t know what the “66 cents” means…I didn’t see anything for that price or even ending in that price. This photo is of the front store and held the quilting cottons, notions and, interestingly, an olive oil shop above it!


Courtney and I entered from the side entrance. To the right were these cabinets full of all types of thread. The price in Yen (371) converts to about $3.29 U.S in case you’re curious!


To our left, were these bolts of fabrics. You can just see the stairs leading up to the olive oil shop. These novelty fabrics seem to be very popular.


On the other side of the thread cabinets were these fabrics on rolls rather than folded onto bolts. I had recently learned there were traditional Okinawan fabrics and these in the lower right seemed to be the closest I found. Surprisingly, there were not very many to choose from.


I can’t interpret the writing on this one…but I loved the texture!


This is the second part which was behind and left of the front building. Note the drinks vending machine…they are EVERYWHERE in Okinawa. Residential, retail, parking lots, street corners…everywhere!


We actually started with this building first and found it had decorator fabrics, satins and silks and such for clothing making and a bit of quilting cottons (primarily fat quarters and remnants). This store had signs for no photography (so the pics from the shop above were taken on the sneak!)


I did ask if I could photograph these fabric holders as I was paying for my purchase. He graciously said I could!


I have never seen fabric bolt holders (is that what they are called?!) made of wooden frames and covered with paper! Have you?!


Cool, right?! They appear to be old (judging by the discolored tape) but are they?


I bought this fat quarter (to entertain Evelyn while we browsed) and this remnant. I think it will make a lovely wall hanging to remember our trip. I paid Yen 1804 or about $16.00. The remnant piece is 1-1/2 yds and the normal 43″ wide.


After a fun day shopping, we went out for dinner. This photo was taken at Hamasushi – fast food sushi on a conveyor belt. What an adventure and pretty good food! That’s a tiny peek at the conveyor just over Courtney’s left shoulder. Grab a plate as it goes by or place an order for cooked and/or specials. They add up the plates when you are finished!

More photos to come…we have two cameras and two cell phones to retrieve photos from so stay tuned!







What the?!

Excuse me!? What happened to October? How can it already be the first week of November!?

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened…as I am sure the same is true for you! This seems to always happen, right? One minute you are just recovering from a new roof and then family arrives and goes home (*sniff*) and now it’s already time for the holidays?! Like I said, “What the?!”

Time flies when your hands are busy. So here is a fast recap to catch up…

Grandies came for a wonderful visit and they loved the beach!!

On their Facebook page, I saw this photo of the bedspread I custom quilted for Pu’uwai Design in Koloa…in it’s new home! How gorgeous is this setting!?!? 🙂


My cousin was so happy with her custom quilt made with tropical weight batting (super thin cotton). She took inspiration from her favorite artist, Steve Mei for incorporating  a soothing waterscape across Kona White. I even made matching king size pillow shams! A first for me! Lovely!


I quilted more donation quilts!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I quilted a few customer quilts! (Three of these were flannel and super soft!!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I even got one I “made a long time ago” quilted! Check off one UFO! WhooHoo!!


It is completely done…labeled, too! It looks so nice in the guest bedroom!


I sold a lap quilt and a wall hanging!

I am almost finished with a commissioned quilt. I’ll post about that when it is complete and received by the customer – a high school friend in Texas.

I have worked on other things as well but I am running out of space for photos on the blog. I’m not sure how I will fix that but will address it on another day. In the meantime, I will continue to post almost daily on Instagram and Facebook.

Our quilt show in Kauai will be in February, so I have to work on my entries for that. They are pieced and ready to be quilted with the exception of one. I’m feeling pretty good about that!!! But…they have to be finished in January so it’s too soon to celebrate!

Check out my Facebook Page here for other photos as I get more things quilted and projects in progress. *Like* my page, please, and keep up with my quilting projects!

I am up to 389 but hope to have 500 followers by the end of the year. It’s right around the corner so don’t delay!! Stop by soon!

And since Christmas is quickly approaching (as well as cooler temps!) check out my Etsy shop for some gifts. Or message me if you don’t see something you’d like…give the gift of something handmade and one-of-a-kind…made in Kauai!!




New Items in the Store

I have been busy finishing up some baby quilts…3 to be exact! I wasn’t sure how far the fabric would go, but I managed to get 3 baby quilt tops from the two fabrics used in the middle. I added the off white and border fabric and the coordinating backing fabric.

I used the same pattern I used for the pink baby quilt in this post.

They are all for sale in my shop. It’s another cloudy morning so these photos are a bit dark.

I have two of this design…the fabric I used for the binding matches the border fabric and I quilted it with a circles and swirls design called “Ginger Snap


Squares on Point Circles

I have one of this design…the fabric I used for the binding matches the turquoise fabric and is quilted with a flower design.


Squares on Point Flowers

I also quilted these two donation tops.


Disappearing 9-Patch


Bordered Disappearing 9-Patch

Here are the backs showing off quite nicely!


I have a couple of things to get finished (fingers crossed!) before the Grandies get here on Monday!!

Papa and GiGi can hardly wait for these two noisy, busy boys to get here!! Brogan is almost four and Beckett just turned one!

I have a gathered a nice collection of things to spoil them with…not to mention the beach!! 🙂



Quilts & Grandies

Yesterday, I finished Master Beckett’s first quilt from me. He is already 8 months old. Shame on me for not getting him a quilt sooner! I’ll try to be a better Gigi going forward!”

“Trucks for Beckett” is adapted from a pattern by Heidi Pridemore of The Whimsical Workshop. I used smaller blocks as well as fewer than her pattern used. I think it will be just right for a little guy scooting around on the floor or dragging behind him as soon as he can chase big brother down the hall!


Trucks for Beckett Measures approx. 35″ square




The backing fabric is Sesame Street…the words and colors are the best for this little boy!!

I have some new photos of the Grandies that I just love!


Master Brogan loves his ice cream!


Boys being boys…on the Monster quilt I made Brogan for Christmas last year before we left Oklahoma!

Master Beckett is loving his carrots!

Beckett with carrots 040316

Happy boy! Those dimples!!

Miss Evelyn enjoying her quilt in Japan!


Don’t you just want to kiss those cheeks!?

She is already six months old?!?!

Evelyn 6 mos

Rolling over, reaching up, and growing up too fast!

I am going to have to make big kid quilts before I know it!

I love them all the mostest!!




The wait is almost over!

It’s been a week of busyness getting ready for the Statler to be setup and running! The dealer from California will be here bright and early in the morning! I promise, photos of the whole process will be posted this weekend!

I have the online store up to date with quilts and wall hangings! I have a quilting friend wanting to sell some of her quilted items, too! I hope you’ll check it out. You can get to the store from the tab at the top of the page.

The carpets have been cleaned, the dog is bathed and I just have a few errands this morning to stock the pantry so I won’t have to go out again for several days…I want to play with my new machine!! 🙂


Clean and ready for The Lady!

I snagged some artwork from Pier 1 (originally for a bedroom, but they are too large!) that will fill the wall nicely behind The Lady.


Beachy artwork!


Close up of the awesome texture!

While I waited for the carpet to dry, I started Master Beckett’s quilt. Gigi is a little late getting him a quilt but since he is all of 7 months old, I don’t think he will mind! 😉

The word fabric is Sesame Street and the white and robin egg blue solids are Kona Cotton. The trucks panel didn’t have any information on the selvage and I didn’t think to look on the bolt at the store! I think it will turn out really cute !


I modified the pattern called “Block by Block” by Heidi Pridemore of The Whimsical Workshop in Arizona. The pattern is published in Quiltmaker #165  September/October, 2015.

It’s a great pattern for novelty fabrics and can be made with just about any larger scale fabrics. My blocks are much smaller than hers (5″ vs. 8″) and I didn’t use her 6″ block to scale this quilt top down for a baby/toddler quilt.

Speaking of the grandies, here are some new pictures!


Master Brogan taking charge of the Easter egg coloring!

1st Easter.jpg

Master Beckett enjoying said Easter egg!

5 months.jpg

Miss Evelyn in her Spring flowers!

I sure miss them! I am so thankful for Skype and Facebook and the pictures I glean from them!

Have a great day!


Thankful Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving to you and thanks for stopping by!

I wanted to take time, especially today, to count a few of my blessings this year!

First, Mr. G and I celebrated 35 years of wedded bliss this month! Along with our move to Kauai this year, it’s been a wild ride over the years!

Secondly, our children are happily married and have gifted us with THREE gorgeous grandchildren…two of them just in the last few months! All are happy and healthy! I will always be a #proudGigi of them!

My latest blessing is discovering a relative living on Kauai…her home is less than 15 minutes from ours! Small world, right?!

My second cousin, Debbie and her husband, Chuck met us just a couple of weeks ago and they have lived here for over 44 years. (We always thought she lived on the Big Island!) She is my mother’s cousin; her dad and my grandmother were siblings! I hope we get to know both of them much better in the years ahead! (She likes wine, too!)

We have many things to be thankful for but I won’t bore you with all of them (you can read some of my past blog posts if you really have nothing better to do!) We are healthy, have a nice home on a beautiful island and have friends and family, both old and new, far and wide. We are blessed in so many ways!

We all will be busy with the remainder of the year and the final holiday gatherings so if you don’t have a chance to stop back by, I will totally understand! I wish you all happiness and a heart full of love to round out 2015.

I have some big things in the works for 2016…of course, quilts are involved but there may be a few more surprises along the way!

I hope you’ll stop back by to see “what’s she up to now?!” My little blog has reached over 6,500 hits and visits from people in 30 countries! I am thankful I have something funny or interesting enough that you will want to find out!

Besides, you want to see how Mr. G gets that rim view revealed, right!?



Hau‘oli Lā Ho‘omaika‘i – Happy Thanksgiving

Hawaiian blessing

Thursday’s child has far to go…

Hello, world!

My Gigi can’t wait to share me with you today…my birthday!!

My name is Evelyn Grace…

Granddaughter #1

Granddaughter #1 – Papa and Gigi are pretty excited about me!

I arrived on Thursday, October 22, 2015 (Okinawa, Japan time) at 10:10 a.m. weighing exactly 7 lbs. 2.5 oz and I am 21″ long. My mommy had a long labor and said her back REALLY hurt during my grand entrance, but I don’t think she’s too upset with me about that! My daddy is pretty proud of me already, too!

I’m going to be doing the usual for a while, you know…eating, sleeping and messing up a few diapers so I will let Gigi have her blog back! I can’t wait to see what she makes just for me!

The Mother Goose nursery rhyme goes like this:

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace;
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go;
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for its living;
But the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Even Dr. Seuss says, “oh, the places you will go!”

Apparently, I have some cousins to catch up with. They are far away so I’ll think about that another day!

Watch out world…here I come!

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