The Artistry of Sheena Norquay, Part 2 — The Beach Collection

Well, I’m not gonna lie…I love everything in this post!
Sit back and enjoy!


Sheena Norquay’s Beach Collection was inspired by the colours of shells, stones, pebbles, sea glass and sand. It is a box of 12 Large Spools of 50wt thread.

The Colours are:
2524 (light blue/purple), 2564 (light pink/lilac), 4150 (yellow variegated)
1248 (dark blue/purple), 2311 (cream), 2375 (peach)
2610 ((dark grey/blue), 2312 (light beige), 2340 (light rust)
2615 (light grey), 2805 (light turquoise), 2326 (dark beige)

Please visit The Artistry of Sheena Norquay, Part 1 for more details + the full interview with Sheena.

To enter-to-win The Beach Collection by Sheena Norquay, please leave us a comment on this post letting us know which of Sheena’s pieces below is your favorite and why. Entry will close at 11:59pm on Friday, August 18 and a winner will be announced here on Saturday, August 19. This giveaway is open to all of our International friends!

Tell us about The Beach…

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Top Ten Tuesday { Quilt Labels, Display and Storage}

Good afternoon!! It’s been a busy morning…I have been cutting fabric for the next quilt since the electrician was here updating our circuit breaker box and some outlets. With the power safely off for him to work his magic, I was more than happy to cut and play with more fabric!


With that said, the computers were offline, too…so I am just now posting today’s blog…Tuesday Tips! I really like the tips shared by Aurifil and this topic just came up with another quilting friend. I made a label on my new sewing machine, third attempt, and I am liking it. Practice makes, well, almost perfect!! Mr. G pointed out I should put my blog address on the label…more to tweak on this!

I saw a post by Bonnie Hunter explaining how she labels her quilts. Genius! So simple and effective! Here is her post.


Putting a label on a quilt is important and helpful but a personal choice of the maker. Drop me a comment on your favorite way to label your creations or why you don’t. Either way…I hope your quilts are used and loved for a very long time!



Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday!  Do you have beautiful quilts that have no labels?  Do you own lovely works of quilt art that remain folded up because you have no idea how to properly display them? Not sure how to fold a quilt without crease line?  This week is for you!  Learn how to make a label with all the information for your loved ones to know your quilt’s history. Learn how to make a quilt sleeve or tabs to display your beautiful quilts and check out some cool ways to store your ever growing collection!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.24.47 AM

1. How to Hang a Quilt Tutorial by Amy from Amy A La Mode6656326915_af79a4f55b_z

2. What information to include on your quilt label by E. Wolfmeyer


3. Quilt Storage Tips from Sherri McConnell for Craftsy


4. Hang Your Quilt! (Hanging Sleeve Tutorial) by Jacquie from TallGrass Prairie Studio

sleeve finished

5. A Quick Quilt Label Method

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Let’s Write a Pattern Part. 2

Cheryl over at Meadow Mist Designs has given some great info in her post today! Be sure to check it out! If you are new to my blog, click on the blue circle for the beginning of the series!

Meadow Mist Designs


PWS – How to Write a Quilt Pattern – Topic 2 – Quilt Design and Inspiration

I will add my own brief thoughts on each of her points with my quilt top Turquoise Stars.

A. Design Process – If you follow me on Pinterest, you can see my boards of Quilts Make Me Happy and Quilt Patterns. I find inspiration from blogs, Facebook, magazines, photographs, etc. I like storing them on Pinterest or to a special folder on my computer as Cheryl suggests.

B. Organizing my Designs – I, too, have sub-folders in my Quilt Ideas folder on my computer. I have sub-folders labeled as “Traditional”, “Modern” and “Beachy”. Organize yours in whatever catchy title helps you!

C. Designing with Limitations – well, limitations seems logical if you need help corralling all the possibilities an idea can entail. For my design, I limited it to the fabric I had in the stash and it had to use a block designed with the Tri-Rec ruler. That kept any other distraction back in the computer folders!

D. Starting from a Design vs. Fabric Collection – in my pattern, refer back to C. I had these fabrics and I wanted it to be “beachy”. I also wanted it to be quick and easy!


Learning to make stars with the Tri-Rec rulers

E. Computer Programs for Quilt Design – I have EQ6 that I could have used, but I think my pattern was easy enough without trying to learn new computer software! 😉 BUT, if that is something YOU are savvy with, fire up that computer!

I hope this is taking away some of the fear of pattern making and/or quilt designing. You can do this, too!

Aloha until next time…



Patience in Paradise

I mentioned in this post about some exciting things for me going into 2016. This morning, on my Facebook news feed, I saw this and it is perfect for the anticipation of those things to gel into place.

At the right time

I am also reminded of this post from last year regarding patience!

Yesterday, I went shopping for a new sewing machine and some other sewing related items! On a remote island, such as Kauai, there are definitely some issues which require patience – such as ordering and shipping logistics! I promise to keep you posted on that…I’ll know something soon!

Meanwhile, I am love working on some beachy driftwood projects. I made these with recycled jars (think pickle and salsa sized jars), jute, driftwood and coral. They will be good for corralling pens and markers, or perhaps holding flowers or candles! Oh, the possibilities!

I am experimenting with paint on the less than perfect coral pieces I find. A lot of the coral here is stained with rust since our island is mainly volcanic rock containing iron. I just thought moving from Oklahoma meant no more red dirt! Nope! 😦


A bit of coral in its natural state


Rusty coral I painted with acrylic paint! Nice!

And, of course, some beach glass I found made its way onto an up-cycled jar candle lid…


Beach glass candle holder

Looking for just the right piece of driftwood, bit of glass or seashell requires patience as well. A flash of light, the sands shift…if you don’t look closely, the moment is gone and the sea takes her treasures back. But, sometimes, just at that right moment, the ocean waves retreat and there it is…in all its beachy goodness! Grab it quick! Wash it off and marvel at its simple beauty.

While I wait to get my new sewing machine, these collections are keeping me busy and down at the beach! It is also giving me some quiet time to think, plan and dream! Oh, the things I am dreaming of…*sigh!* 🙂

Have a wonderful Thursday! Thanks for stopping by!



Let’s Write a Pattern!

Happy Monday to you! Has your coffee (or caffeine eye-opener of choice) kicked in? Let’s get this week going, ok?

I mentioned in this post my New Year’s resolutions being some new things to try now that we are a bit more settled. A blog came up on Facebook this morning that had some mental bells dinging in my mind…my coffee had just about kicked in by then! Look out! Creative wheels going into over-drive!! LOL

Meadow Mist Designs is starting a new series of pattern writing blogs. If you are like me, you’ve tweaked a quilting pattern or two in your creative endeavors. Did you ever think of creating your very own pattern…to give away or possibly sell? I have!

I created this quilt design using a Tri-Rec Ruler (a new ruler for me!) at the end of 2014 and received a lot of positive feedback on it when I posted this blog! I think I will use this as my first attempt at pattern writing!


Turquoise Stars

Cheryl Brickey is a chemical engineer and patent agent by day and quilter by night who has already published or given away 30 patterns! How great is that!?! Who better to help us tackle the road blocks in getting a pattern from start to finish…successfully!

I am sharing her blog series with you today in case you haven’t seen it yet. Let’s follow along and see if her series inspires us to give it a go!! Click on her logo below!

Meadow Mist Designs

I will post my test pattern adventure on my blog so check back often! Heck, if you haven’t already, click on the box to the right to get email updates when I post a new blog. It is FREE, nothing is required from WordPress to get updates, and I don’t even see your email address much less give or share any of your personal information!

Leave me a comment if you like the series and/or plan to play along! I’d love to hear about YOUR pattern!! 🙂


#1 Amazing Blog to Share Today

I’ve enjoyed reading several blogs written by lots of interesting people over the last day or so mostly about New Year’s resolutions.

I found this one to be especially spot on. The fearless leader of The Badass Quilters Society spoke directly to me on this one!

#1 Amazing Trick to Becoming a Better Quilter

I have been thinking I might have wandered a bit from my “beachy quilter” moniker by adding in other things I like to do, but she has given my liberty to do so! I love lots of things besides quilting and, I believe, because of my interests in those things lets my mind grow and evolve which, in turn, lets my quilting interests grow and evolve as well.

If you are a new quilter, don’t be intimidated by complex designs or complicated patterns. We all start out as beginners…EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US! You will make mistakes and that’s ok…that’s how we learn. I am just now, after 25+ years of “quilting”, feeling I am ready to go in another direction. My new favorite colors and designs are a far leap from the simple 9-patch my Nanna taught me and she would be my biggest cheerleader in my new adventures.

I agree that looking at a LOT of Pinterest links (including Miss Badass’)will keep you from getting any quilting done, BUT the creativity of others is so inspiring! The hours I waste spend looking through the infinity of the Internet is GOOD for me! You can learn so much via YouTube videos and artists’ websites and books…these are generous people…they want to teach you, and for FREE for the most part! Buying a designer’s pattern or artist’s book is a very small price to pay for inspiration and instructions…they already made the mistakes for you! 🙂

I was inspired by this photo…

Floating Prisms quilt pattern

Floating Prisms

…when I created this…

Paper pieced scrappy stars

“Freefalling” measures 61 x 74″

My pattern looks very little like the original design, and that’s how it is supposed to work! Take the idea of someone else and put your spin on it! Their pattern was diamonds…well, I like stars better (I wanted to practice more paper-piecing and those fabrics were in my stash!) See how that works?!

So, having said that, I am off to dream and think about the direction I want my quilts to go this year. Here are a few of my inspirations and ideas for the new year! You can see more on my Pinterest boards here.


From the Hoffman Challenge 2010


Can you say “TEXTURES”!?! Love this!


Skinny quilt

From the book “Skinny Quilts and Table Runners” by Eleanor Levie

Have to make

Are you seeing a pattern?! I think “water” must be my theme for this year! What else would you expect from a beachy quilter?! 🙂

I hope you grow and stretch your creative endeavors in 2016!

Just do it!! Blaze a trail for yourself and let me know how it goes!







Top Ten Tuesday {Quilts}

Source: Top Ten Tuesday {Quilts}

In my current driftwood craze, don’t think I have given up on my quilting! I am making the final push on the scrappy BPR quilt with my friend, Pam. My goal is to have the top finished by December 31st! As of today, I only have 7 more blocks to go!! Whoohoo!!

1019151 (3)

I missed this Aurifil blog post from last week, but thankfully, most blog posts stay around for a while so we can catch up!

Any of these lovelies would look amazing in a beachy setting – don’t you agree?!

Enjoy your Tuesday!




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