Change at the Speed of Life

March is here and with it comes change. For most people, it just means a change in the season…are you slowly thawing out where you live? Are your favorite things starting to bud and bloom? For us, it means another adventure!

Recently, Bonnie Hunter posted this photo on her Quiltville Facebook page…


Thanks, Bonnie! What a timely phrase! Change is scary but it’s also sometimes just the thing you need to do.

If you have followed this blog for a bit (or know us as friends and family do), you know we have moved a few times in our 36 years of marriage. For the most part, the reasons have been (mostly) economic conditions and/or chasing a dream. Our move to Hawaii in 2015 was a big dream…and guess what!? we sat in the front row and did it!!

But, things in life have a way of changing…not that we WANT them to change, sometimes they just do all by themselves. As much as we would like, we can’t control everything life throws at us.

Yet the things we CAN control do take action. So, most of our friends and family know that we are action-taking types and know when to make things happen.

Moving to Hawaii was a big risk…it would be a 50/50 chance. Should we take it on? We weighed all the pros and cons and took a deep breath, and did it. We knew there would be things we couldn’t control but it was worth a shot…this one chance to live our longtime dream. Reality can be harsh, however and we found we were on the second part of that 50/50 chance…the part that usually stops most folks in their tracks.

So, now what do we do? Where do we go? When do we leave? What’s the plan?

Well, then it’s time to start a new dream!

When we first considered moving to Hawaii back in 2014, Florida was our backup plan. Now its THE plan! And we’ve taken action! Watch out Florida…here we come!

Our beautiful Kauai home is already under contract and we are set to close on April 4! Most of February was spent making it ready to sell and fortunately for us, our buyer was renting across the street! They love our neighborhood and all the upgrades we have done to the house was greatly appreciated. Just this week, Mr. G sold his 1-year old Tacoma pickup in less than 24 hours!

After we close on the house in April and yet another tax season is out of the way, we will take some time to visit Maui and the Big Island…we might not be this close to them ever again…so we are taking advantage of that! Then, we’ll take some time in May to visit our parents as we make our way to Florida.


We hope to be in the Ft. Myers/Bonita Springs area by June 1st.

Yes, Stella (the longarm quilting machine) will cross the Pacific, again, and I will continue the blog and quilting. I’ve read there are 120 quilt shops in Florida! And, of course, I can still quilt barefoot and get my toes sandy!! Woohoo!!

As Bilbo Baggins said, “I think I’m ready for another adventure!” Let’s go!!

Stay tuned!


Barefoot Beach!


Patience in Paradise

I mentioned in this post about some exciting things for me going into 2016. This morning, on my Facebook news feed, I saw this and it is perfect for the anticipation of those things to gel into place.

At the right time

I am also reminded of this post from last year regarding patience!

Yesterday, I went shopping for a new sewing machine and some other sewing related items! On a remote island, such as Kauai, there are definitely some issues which require patience – such as ordering and shipping logistics! I promise to keep you posted on that…I’ll know something soon!

Meanwhile, I am love working on some beachy driftwood projects. I made these with recycled jars (think pickle and salsa sized jars), jute, driftwood and coral. They will be good for corralling pens and markers, or perhaps holding flowers or candles! Oh, the possibilities!

I am experimenting with paint on the less than perfect coral pieces I find. A lot of the coral here is stained with rust since our island is mainly volcanic rock containing iron. I just thought moving from Oklahoma meant no more red dirt! Nope! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


A bit ofย coral in its natural state


Rusty coral I painted with acrylic paint! Nice!

And, of course, some beach glass I found made its way onto an up-cycled jar candle lid…


Beach glass candle holder

Looking for just the right piece of driftwood, bit of glass or seashell requires patience as well. A flash of light, the sands shift…if you don’t look closely, the moment is gone and the sea takes her treasures back. But, sometimes, just at that right moment, the ocean waves retreat and there it is…in all its beachy goodness! Grab it quick! Wash it off and marvel at its simple beauty.

While I wait to get my new sewing machine, these collections are keeping me busy and down at the beach! It is also giving me some quiet time to think, plan and dream! Oh, the things I am dreaming of…*sigh!* ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a wonderful Thursday! Thanks for stopping by!



2015 in review

A very nice feature in WordPress is the year in review stats. I got this same report last year, but didn’t share the details. None the less, I was pretty proud of myself…last year I had about 3,400 reads of my blog from people in 42 countries! I am happy I was at least read nearly that same amount this year even though the countries count was down. That’s ok…people move, ya know?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,300 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 55 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Anyway…I’d like to recap our year in my own style! You can easily check to the right and select any given month to see what I was doing or even search through the little box at the top right for a specific post item. Here are some of my personal favorite highlights of 2015!

January – Crap! It’s cold in January in Oklahoma! So let’s get to Hawaii and house hunt! Here was our future home the first time we saw it! Didn’t it look kinda sad and unloved?! (Ok, quit rolling your eyes! Ha!)IMG_3254


According to WordPress, this photo of beachy, scrappy blocks was in my most visited post. It was just a little tip for fellow quilters but I did get some very nice compliments from sharing the post on Facebook, too! Click here to go right to it!


Now I have a nice little pile of blocks in order so I can chain piece!

February-Our first offer on the house is countered and we accept! Now we wait for a few more cold months to close! Oh, boy…more snow! How nice…NOT! The days dragged on but sewing a bit got me through the worst of it!

It was fun putting this together…again, using up scraps in the stash before moving!

Paper pieced scrappy stars

“Freefalling” measures 61 x 74″

March-What better way to spend the day when it’s cold yet bright and sunny? Let’s have a wedding!


Captain & Mrs. Christopher Nicklas

I still had to keep busy the rest of the month, so I made this…

Beach Glass March 2015 (1)

“Searching for Beach Glass”

April – Spring in Oklahoma can be nice. Progress has been slow but we now own a home in Hawaii!! Saying goodbye to this little guy was pretty hard on this Gigi!


Brogan & Ruby saying good-bye

The last of the sewn quilt blocks ended up in this perfectly sized container…off to storage it goes!

Art Bin Storage

May – Adventures await as we box up the bits of our life, load up Miss Ruby and head for our new home. We had a good time with Bill and Dana before we left California! The three day’s journey made for an interesting blog series! I hope you enjoyed it! If you missed it, you can make a quick jump to read it from here!

A view of the Pacific across the street from their neighborhood!

There was a slight delay in San Diego, but finally…we are off to Hawaii!

Ruby in her crate at airport

Ruby is ready to go!

June – Chris and Courtney are now in Japan for a few years! We are happy and sad at the same time for that! Our 3rd grandchild will be born there! Life must go on so, we spent our birthday at Poipu Beach…tropical drinks are way better…well, in the TROPICS!!

Birthday happy hour

Happy hour! Happy Birthday!

July – Welcome to the Jungle! Clearing this is going to take a long time! But as our neighbor eloquently said, “there are 365 days in the year, you’ve got time!”


Mr. G slays the mighty bamboo!

August – Grandson #2 makes his grand entrance! Welcome to our world, Beckett Gray!


Sweet baby boy!

September – I best get back to being a quilter! Since we survived the hottest summer on the planet, I made this quilt for a friend in Texas and started this project with another friend, also in Texas!


First quilt made in Hawaii!

1019151 (1)

Made a good start on this scrappy top! 9 of 42 blocks

I also decided to try my first Row by Row Experience…

102615 RxR

Row by Row 2015

October – Granddaughter #1 arrived! Welcome to our world, Evelyn Grace!

Hello world!

Granddaughter #1

November – We survived the 2015 Hurricane Season, the most ever in one year! 15 named storms systems and each one missed our little spot in the Pacific Ocean. There were a couple of tsunamis thrown in as well…just to keep things interesting, right?!? Kauai is the spot at the top of the Hawaiian Islands shown in aqua blue in the center…

We connected with a family member who lives just 15 minutes away! My second cousin, Debbie has lived on Kauai for a long time but we had never met! How nice to have another new friend! Eddie and her husband, Chuck hit it off pretty well, too!



Our first time to meet ever – 2nd cousins!


Chuck and Mr. G showing you how to Shaka!!

December – In a quiet way, the year comes to a close. We enjoy our view from our front lanai, with a glass of wine, at the end of most every day. Our flower beds are still blooming and the grass is still soft and green. The sky is so very blue and the ocean waves crash onto their shores in our little corner of the world. Oh, and look!!! We have bananas!! In December!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


All’s well that end’s well…we made it to Hawaii and we are doing fine!

I hope your 2015 was great and that your 2016 will be awesome! I hope you’ll come back now and again to see “what’s she up to now?” as we live out our dream, make new friends and, hopefully, see some old friends along the way.

Happy New Year!

Hauoli Makahiki Hou!

New Year

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