Change at the Speed of Life

March is here and with it comes change. For most people, it just means a change in the season…are you slowly thawing out where you live? Are your favorite things starting to bud and bloom? For us, it means another adventure!

Recently, Bonnie Hunter posted this photo on her Quiltville Facebook page…


Thanks, Bonnie! What a timely phrase! Change is scary but it’s also sometimes just the thing you need to do.

If you have followed this blog for a bit (or know us as friends and family do), you know we have moved a few times in our 36 years of marriage. For the most part, the reasons have been (mostly) economic conditions and/or chasing a dream. Our move to Hawaii in 2015 was a big dream…and guess what!? we sat in the front row and did it!!

But, things in life have a way of changing…not that we WANT them to change, sometimes they just do all by themselves. As much as we would like, we can’t control everything life throws at us.

Yet the things we CAN control do take action. So, most of our friends and family know that we are action-taking types and know when to make things happen.

Moving to Hawaii was a big risk…it would be a 50/50 chance. Should we take it on? We weighed all the pros and cons and took a deep breath, and did it. We knew there would be things we couldn’t control but it was worth a shot…this one chance to live our longtime dream. Reality can be harsh, however and we found we were on the second part of that 50/50 chance…the part that usually stops most folks in their tracks.

So, now what do we do? Where do we go? When do we leave? What’s the plan?

Well, then it’s time to start a new dream!

When we first considered moving to Hawaii back in 2014, Florida was our backup plan. Now its THE plan! And we’ve taken action! Watch out Florida…here we come!

Our beautiful Kauai home is already under contract and we are set to close on April 4! Most of February was spent making it ready to sell and fortunately for us, our buyer was renting across the street! They love our neighborhood and all the upgrades we have done to the house was greatly appreciated. Just this week, Mr. G sold his 1-year old Tacoma pickup in less than 24 hours!

After we close on the house in April and yet another tax season is out of the way, we will take some time to visit Maui and the Big Island…we might not be this close to them ever again…so we are taking advantage of that! Then, we’ll take some time in May to visit our parents as we make our way to Florida.


We hope to be in the Ft. Myers/Bonita Springs area by June 1st.

Yes, Stella (the longarm quilting machine) will cross the Pacific, again, and I will continue the blog and quilting. I’ve read there are 120 quilt shops in Florida! And, of course, I can still quilt barefoot and get my toes sandy!! Woohoo!!

As Bilbo Baggins said, “I think I’m ready for another adventure!” Let’s go!!

Stay tuned!


Barefoot Beach!


Ready for the Final Countdown!

Good Sunday to you all! It’s been a busy week around here with packing and finalizing last-minute details for our move! Mr. G finished up April 15 duties (his 30th tax season…ugh!) and he has been working hard on his paperwork and we are tackling piles of shredding!

Document shredding

Shredding…when will it end!?!

I have been selling the last of things that we won’t be taking to Hawaii. The giant dog crate has been ordered and shipped directly to our friends’ home in Capistrano Beach, California (our last stop before getting on the plane in San Diego!) The boxes are piling up and about to be moved to the storage unit for later shipment. Our daughter has gathered the last of her things from here to make their way to Japan in June! The pantry is slowly dwindling it stash of staples and I have a card table now for a work station for a few days before we tear down the computers to pack them for shipment!


20 boxes and counting…

The front living/dining room & my little work space...

The front living/dining room with my little work space & Mr. G’s paperwork

I did manage to finish up the blocks on the Irish Chain! Here is the post where it all began! I also made the single row of alternating squares to make the outer border!

Irish Chain

Random placement of completed blocks!

It conveniently fits inside this container for packing away!

Art Bin Storage

I am selling my humble little Husqvarna Viking sewing machine and several accessory items with it on the Facebook group Quilters Classified. I could take it but I am ready to upgrade to a nicer machine once we get settled. The cost of shipping it all would be a nice sum towards a new setup in Hawaii!



This last full week in Oklahoma will be busy with the remaining items on the checklist marked as DONE and visiting friends and family before we head out next week! I can hardly believe it is nearly time to go!! We are tired by the end of the day but reinvigorated each morning knowing we are “one day closer”! The final countdown begins!

9 days and counting…!!

Another step forward!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July weekend! We enjoyed seeing several friends during the week and spent time with our children and precious grandson!

4th of July pride @ our house!

4th of July pride @ our house!

It was a busy week here for us as we made the biggest step forward in our move to Hawaii…the house is officially listed for sale!!!

It's we go!!

It’s official…here we go!!

The sign went in the yard for less than 2 hours on June 29 (there were still some glitches getting the MLS and computer to cooperate and play nicely together so the sign came back down) before we had to leave town for a short business trip to Texas on Monday, June 30. We arrived in Plano with a phone message someone was interested and wanted to see the house!! My husband explained we were out of town and we would schedule an appointment with her upon our return…our first response!!

July 1, a different Realtor knocked on the door. Our daughter said the woman had a client contact her about a sign in the yard but she now noticed it was gone yet the lock box was still on the door. Our daughter called us wanting to know what to do. We said the Realtor could show it that afternoon…our first showing!!!

Wednesday we returned home, finished up the local MLS listing and the sign went back in the yard complete with flyers. Thursday we finished the exterior painting, ran errands, cleaned out some more stuff, worked in the flower beds…well, you get the idea…and the phone rang and rang! We had appointments for 7 different showings on Friday and Saturday!! So we’re off to the races!!!

Here is the listing if you’d like to take a peek…or send to someone who might want to buy it!!  🙂

MLS Listing in Norman, OK

But as with any step forward (at least for us!) there is a step backward…I have had a sore back for 4 days…I mean really sore…brings tears to my eyes kind of sore! So I am off to see my friend Gwen at her therapeutic massage clinic this a.m. in Edmond. I have been stiff and sore plenty of times, but that usually works itself out in a couple of days! Fingers crossed it is something she can work out for me and I can get back to normal…I’m a busy gal ya know…got a big checklist to work on, right?!

Stay tuned…


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