Finishing 4th

Aloha and Happy Wednesday! Have you all recovered from the time change? Thankfully, here in Hawaii, we don’t have to do that! I’ve appreciated that for the two years we’ve been here. Moving back to the mainland will bring change enough but then we’ll “enjoy” that stupid time change again! 😦

Anyway, things are progressing towards our April 4 house closing. We still haven’t worked out all the logistics with shipping but we are getting closer. One thing we have learned is that crossing the ocean creates an “international” event. Moving over sea and land enters a whole new realm of logistics! More on that as it happens.

As I have done in the past, when a move is about to happen, I start sewing like crazy! Somehow packing finished items feels less weighty than moving boxes of stash fabric. Yesterday, I finished the fourth project from last summer’s retreat.

Jump Rings by MSQC which is in this edition of BLOCK magazine. The Hawaiian fabrics were selected and kitted for the retreat by Vicky’s Fabrics here in Kauai. This was my first time to work with poly-cotton fabric, which is commonly used in Aloha shirts and clothing. It was easy to work with and quilted beautifully as you’ll see.

Making snowballs to form the inner ring…


Then I attached the matching sides all around to form the ring…forgot to take a photo of that part but you can see the result below. Next, the outer corners are nipped to make the final ring appear.


Fast forward and the top is made and the quilting is in full swing…


A close-up of the quilting design…


And the end result…ready to trim and bind! I am going to call it “Haku Leis” for the head-pieces commonly worn by the bride and her attendants during weddings. Here is a link that explains that a bit more as well as the photo below shows. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Haku lei 1


Here’s how it looks from the back! I think it is a great way to start Spring! (Apologies to those suffering from the winter storm Stella! My Stella sends her best wishes for a quick thaw!)  😉


I have a customer’s top in-house to quilt next. If I work really fast, I can get the last two tops I have made quilted before Stella has to be disassembled to move.

Next week, we have these two coming to visit! I can hardly wait to see them again! This Gigi needs to make a baby doll quilt, quick!! 🙂




What the?!

Excuse me!? What happened to October? How can it already be the first week of November!?

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened…as I am sure the same is true for you! This seems to always happen, right? One minute you are just recovering from a new roof and then family arrives and goes home (*sniff*) and now it’s already time for the holidays?! Like I said, “What the?!”

Time flies when your hands are busy. So here is a fast recap to catch up…

Grandies came for a wonderful visit and they loved the beach!!

On their Facebook page, I saw this photo of the bedspread I custom quilted for Pu’uwai Design in Koloa…in it’s new home! How gorgeous is this setting!?!? 🙂


My cousin was so happy with her custom quilt made with tropical weight batting (super thin cotton). She took inspiration from her favorite artist, Steve Mei for incorporating  a soothing waterscape across Kona White. I even made matching king size pillow shams! A first for me! Lovely!


I quilted more donation quilts!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I quilted a few customer quilts! (Three of these were flannel and super soft!!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I even got one I “made a long time ago” quilted! Check off one UFO! WhooHoo!!


It is completely done…labeled, too! It looks so nice in the guest bedroom!


I sold a lap quilt and a wall hanging!

I am almost finished with a commissioned quilt. I’ll post about that when it is complete and received by the customer – a high school friend in Texas.

I have worked on other things as well but I am running out of space for photos on the blog. I’m not sure how I will fix that but will address it on another day. In the meantime, I will continue to post almost daily on Instagram and Facebook.

Our quilt show in Kauai will be in February, so I have to work on my entries for that. They are pieced and ready to be quilted with the exception of one. I’m feeling pretty good about that!!! But…they have to be finished in January so it’s too soon to celebrate!

Check out my Facebook Page here for other photos as I get more things quilted and projects in progress. *Like* my page, please, and keep up with my quilting projects!

I am up to 389 but hope to have 500 followers by the end of the year. It’s right around the corner so don’t delay!! Stop by soon!

And since Christmas is quickly approaching (as well as cooler temps!) check out my Etsy shop for some gifts. Or message me if you don’t see something you’d like…give the gift of something handmade and one-of-a-kind…made in Kauai!!




Some Nice Finishes!

It feels so good to  be getting back to quilting! It has taken a few days to put the house back in order after the new flooring installations, wood and tile, and our guests leaving. Here is my sewing space all ready for me to get busy!

My cutting table now has casters, too which raised it a bit more and makes it so much easier to move when I need to work on big projects! Love it!!

In between projects I really do try to keep it this neat!! 😉


Summer is nearly over…but we still have plenty of sunshine and beach days left! We are looking forward to visitors next month…two grandies will be here!! 🙂

I made these tops before the retreat last month…it feels great to have them finished as well!

Modern Squares is my own design using up scraps and “Remix” polka dot fabric by Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman on the back and binding. I used “City Windows” quilting design by Apricot Moon. It measures 35″ square.


Green Hibiscus Falling Charm using “Scratch Modern E2E” quilting design by Karen Farnsworth. It measures 41″ x 49″.


Orange Fizz was made from an orphan block and I bordered it Round Robin style. I used “Scallops and Pearls” from Quilters Niche in the two outer borders, a P2P pattern called “Circles 3” from Judith Kraker for the two inner borders and “Feathers and Pearls” for the star block. It measures 36″ square.


I will have two king size quilts to work on next as well as finish this final scrappy one! You know how I love swirls!! There is a tiny preview of this one after I finished the quilting in the photo of the sewing space back up top!



I hope you have had some successful finishes this summer, too! I’d love to hear about them!



June Donation Quilts & Gold!

I know June isn’t quite over but our monthly friendship circle meets the last Sunday of the month. This month, however, Saturday was selected for a “work” day…a day to bind quilts and assemble more quilt tops by our group. Thus, I will be returning six quilted tops tomorrow!

Here are some close ups of the last three I quilted this week…I really like the turtle fabric for the backing. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough for all three quilt tops.


The best match was to use up some of this blue for the backs…


Soon after I started quilting the top with the blue squares, I notice this on my needle and thread plate. Hmmm…very strange. There weren’t any signs or noises indicating metal rubbing against anything. There isn’t even anything gold on the machine.

Gold dust 1Gold dust 2

After I started quilting the green top, noting the same thing, different day, I sent a text to my Gammill dealer in California asking if this was normal. I continued stitching and then…aha! Light bulb moment!

It was coming from the backing fabric! Duh! It has a metallic gold filigree!

GOld dust 3.jpg

Glad I figured it out! Too bad there wasn’t enough “gold” to gather…that machine could be making me some extra fabric money!! 🙂

I texted the dealer back, saying “never mind”…ahem! :/

None the less, here is what I will be delivering tomorrow!


Have a great weekend!

Oh, and don’t get too excited if your sewing machine starts sprinkling gold dust…that’s asking a bit too much from the quilting faeries!  🙂




Top Ten Tuesday {Tips & Tricks}

Disclaimer! I am NOT a thread snob! I use up whatever I have. If you have followed along in the moving to Hawaii journey, you recall I have been stash busting for a while…and that includes thread.
For the most part, it has worked fine. And it feels good to use up stuff.
I was gifted a spool of Aurifil and I tried it out yesterday on a new project (more on that later – Promise!!) and I must admit that my Viking Sapphire seems very happy with it.
Here is the Aurifil blog of Tuesday Tips that I think you will enjoy.
Let me know what thread your machine loves (you know, the machine almost always has the say in this regard, right?!)


Top Ten-2

One of the most wonderful things about the sewing & quilting community is how supportive we all are of each other. Need advice on what threads to use for the topstitching on a handbag? There’s a post for that. Just getting started with quilting and find yourself overwhelmed with thread types and uses? There’s a post for that. New to reading patterns and feeling lost? There’s a post for that too! We are a remarkable and knowledgable community, always willing to lend a hand, share a tip, and teach a friend. Today, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips & tricks and hope that you find them as useful as we have!

1. Top Tips for Top (Bag) Topstitching — U Handbag


2. Hiding Threads — France Nadeau


3. Aurifil Spools — Aggy Burczyk for Auribuzz


4. Preventative Sewing Machine Maintenance — Threads


5. Make a Stitch Sampler Book —…

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May Showers & Hawaiian Flowers

We had a rainy Memorial Day weekend…it was productive none the less! I was able to finish a few things and I delivered a total of eight quilted charity tops ready for binding as well as one of my own which was quilted and bound…DONE!

Here is my first attempt at echo quilting on the Statler! These medallions are normally sold as 10-inch squares called “Bali Tiles” but I discovered at my LQS they are available as yardage as well. I thought I’d try to make some table runners! That should be pretty simple, right?!

I don’t know why I thought I had to change the spacing on the echo around each medallion, but I did. Lesson learned…stop fooling with stuff when I don’t need to do so!



My second one was better I think! I’ll do a bit more quilting next time to take out some of the puffiness…this was just batting scraps so perhaps use a different type as well.


This beautiful floral fabric was on sale so I used it for both backs.  Doesn’t it seem to be a lovely finish after all our May rain showers?


I think I will make some more of these for sale as well as display in a cabinet we have. Tell me how you like it!


I finished binding our daughter’s quilt that she let me practice quilting. The green batik I used for binding the first table runner worked beautifully with her quilt!


One very successful quilter says “Finished is better than Perfect”…I hope that is true for this quilt, too!

Another thing I did this weekend was purchase my first digital patterns – they are purchased online and downloaded to my laptop computer. I then copy them to a USB drive and transfer to the Statler computer. Success!!

Won’t these be fun on future quilts?! 🙂


Lastly, I am ready to be finished with this seascape…here is a sneak peek. I’m not loving it but, again, finished is better than perfect. I hope to finish it this week…hope!


Summer is officially here and our new split a/c units are working great! Bring on the sunshine and flowers…I hope you have wonderful summer plans to make it a good one!



Get some cool A/C going!

Last summer was brutal! Yep, more than tropical hot in paradise…even the locals and long-time islanders confirmed it. We in Hawaii rely on the trade winds to keep us cool and they were no-shows last year. I griped about mentioned it here.

So, thankfully the guys from Kauai Air Conditioning showed up today to help us out before this summer gets going in high gear!

We had “heat events” last summer that shut down our computers. You know it’s bad when the room the computer is in is too hot for the delicate mystery circuits, wires and such inside those black boxes with green lights and they just shut down.

Now that I have the Statler, it is even more important that the heat not turn The Lady into an angry “I’m not going to work in these conditions” diva! 😉

These will help remove some of the humidity as well…another good idea around electronics, right?!


The other living area is getting some relief as well…


Hopefully, they will be running tomorrow!

I finished another charity quilt top and STILL can’t get those pesky borders right! 😦

This corner came out nearly spot on but the sides…we won’t talk about those, ok? I will quietly watch that tutorial one more time (or two or three!) I am close but not for my picky standards!

Perhaps I should pick an easier pattern? Well, I don’t KNOW it’s a hard one until I jump in with both clumsy feet! I am not giving up that easily! Stay tuned!


I enjoyed selecting the pinwheels and the inner border designs – I really like how they turned out! What do you think? I like the way the Omni thread in Purple Hyacinth blended nicely but gave it some pop on the orange fabric!


After struggling with this top, I needed a bit of a break so I did an edge to edge design on the scrap quilt shown above draped on the long-arm table. It is ready to be trimmed.

I plan on watching more tutorials today and working on some technical issues on the blog. Then I am going to have to tackle some bookkeeping…yea, I know…such a glamorous life.

Thank goodness for the upcoming cool air to keep me focused…but I want to get back to quilting something – soon!!

Have a great day!




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