Finishing 4th

Aloha and Happy Wednesday! Have you all recovered from the time change? Thankfully, here in Hawaii, we don’t have to do that! I’ve appreciated that for the two years we’ve been here. Moving back to the mainland will bring change enough but then we’ll “enjoy” that stupid time change again! 😦

Anyway, things are progressing towards our April 4 house closing. We still haven’t worked out all the logistics with shipping but we are getting closer. One thing we have learned is that crossing the ocean creates an “international” event. Moving over sea and land enters a whole new realm of logistics! More on that as it happens.

As I have done in the past, when a move is about to happen, I start sewing like crazy! Somehow packing finished items feels less weighty than moving boxes of stash fabric. Yesterday, I finished the fourth project from last summer’s retreat.

Jump Rings by MSQC which is in this edition of BLOCK magazine. The Hawaiian fabrics were selected and kitted for the retreat by Vicky’s Fabrics here in Kauai. This was my first time to work with poly-cotton fabric, which is commonly used in Aloha shirts and clothing. It was easy to work with and quilted beautifully as you’ll see.

Making snowballs to form the inner ring…


Then I attached the matching sides all around to form the ring…forgot to take a photo of that part but you can see the result below. Next, the outer corners are nipped to make the final ring appear.


Fast forward and the top is made and the quilting is in full swing…


A close-up of the quilting design…


And the end result…ready to trim and bind! I am going to call it “Haku Leis” for the head-pieces commonly worn by the bride and her attendants during weddings. Here is a link that explains that a bit more as well as the photo below shows. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Haku lei 1


Here’s how it looks from the back! I think it is a great way to start Spring! (Apologies to those suffering from the winter storm Stella! My Stella sends her best wishes for a quick thaw!)Β  πŸ˜‰


I have a customer’s top in-house to quilt next. If I work really fast, I can get the last two tops I have made quilted before Stella has to be disassembled to move.

Next week, we have these two coming to visit! I can hardly wait to see them again! This Gigi needs to make a baby doll quilt, quick!! πŸ™‚




Kauai Quilt Show 2017-Part 2

As promised, here are some pictures taken at random of the show! Enjoy!

This year, we have storefront windows for display! Sorry for the glare on the glass, but what a lovely presentation! Left to right – all are donations quilts for sale!

Get ready to be dazzled!! πŸ™‚


Pretty awesome, right?! My apologies to the artists whose quilts I missed. Some were sold before I could get a picture!

I hope you enjoy the pictures, but the quilts are so much more vibrant in person! Please visit as soon as you can! The show runs through February 22!




Hawaiian Fabric

We have lived in Hawaii for just over a year…ya know, that’s PLENTY of time for at least one of my new quilting friends to share that Hilo Hattie’s sells fabric. But I only found out last month!

For those who don’t know, Hilo Hattie’s has been around a long time. We visited the store on Oahu back in 1986. The shop sells clothing, primarily muumuu’s and Aloha shirts that match. They also sell some t-shirts and kid clothes and souvenirs.

When a generous quilter made these quilt tops, she shared where she purchased the tropical squares…yep, Hilo Hatties! I posted how I quilted this donation quilt and others here.


Little did I know, at the end of production, they cut up excess fabric and sell it like this…


These packs of 7-inch squares are very inexpensive.Β  There are approximately 90 squares per pack! Wow!!

Sounds like a quilter’s best Hawaiian dream, right?! What’s the catch? Well, they don’t always have them and the selection is limited. You can’t open the pack to see what all is inside, either.

None the less, my friend Deb and I ventured in yesterday and the store had just received a shipment! We snagged a few packs and I am starting with this set…


This group was included in the pink pack in the upper left of the previous photo. The Kona Snow strips work beautifully with it! Another Falling Charm quilt, here we go!!

I quilted this beautiful batik quilt for Deb and I’ll post a better photo when she gets the binding on. She loved it! The sea shell pattern worked beautifully!

Debs shell quilt

I finished up two baby quilt tops to practice…I really am trying to use up the last of this collection of scraps! I just used random sizes of square-ish pieces that I framed in Kona White and threw in a few random opposite white squares framed in color. No pattern – I just kinda made it up as I went then squared it up enough make the rows even. I want to try out a Modern quilting design on the squares.


I had one orphan block from this quilt project, so I framed it again and again…


…and I plan to practice some border applications on this one. Both of these are about 36 inches square.

June has been crazy busy and July looks to be the same. Next week is the Jenny Doan and Indulge Retreat!! I can’t wait to meet her! Wait until I show you the fabrics for the quilts she is going to teach! Can you say “tropical brights”!?

Then we will have company coming to visit!! Two different couples will be here in July! I can’t wait to see our friends…it’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we’ve seen them.

Oh, and new wood flooring to be installed and garage door to be replaced. Mr. G will be clearing more of the rim view andΒ  planting more things. I hope you’ll check back to see what else we have on the list!!




June Donation Quilts & Gold!

I know June isn’t quite over but our monthly friendship circle meets the last Sunday of the month. This month, however, Saturday was selected for a “work” day…a day to bind quilts and assemble more quilt tops by our group. Thus, I will be returning six quilted tops tomorrow!

Here are some close ups of the last three I quilted this week…I really like the turtle fabric for the backing. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough for all three quilt tops.


The best match was to use up some of this blue for the backs…


Soon after I started quilting the top with the blue squares, I notice this on my needle and thread plate. Hmmm…very strange. There weren’t any signs or noises indicating metal rubbing against anything. There isn’t even anything gold on the machine.

Gold dust 1Gold dust 2

After I started quilting the green top, noting the same thing, different day, I sent a text to my Gammill dealer in California asking if this was normal. I continued stitching and then…aha! Light bulb moment!

It was coming from the backing fabric! Duh! It has a metallic gold filigree!

GOld dust 3.jpg

Glad I figured it out! Too bad there wasn’t enough “gold” to gather…that machine could be making me some extra fabric money!! πŸ™‚

I texted the dealer back, saying “never mind”…ahem! :/

None the less, here is what I will be delivering tomorrow!


Have a great weekend!

Oh, and don’t get too excited if your sewing machine starts sprinkling gold dust…that’s asking a bit too much from the quilting faeries!Β  πŸ™‚




Let’s Write a Pattern Part. 3

Good Monday morning! Today I continue sharing Meadow Mist Designs blog series on pattern writing. Click on her blue logo if you missed parts 1 and/or 2.

Meadow Mist Designs

I am using my own design called Turquoise Stars to see if I can write a pattern.

After reading her post, here are my comments to each of her points…

A. Breaking the design into blocks – I wanted to learn the technique with the Tri-Rec Ruler(tm) to make stars. So once I had the block I wanted, the design can begin to take shape.


B. Even and Odd Number of Blocks – I only had enough of the hibiscus fabric (also called the focus fabric) for 12 blocks. That made this part of the process easy!


Layout option 1


Layout option 2

C. Multiple Quilt Sizes within a Pattern – this star could easily multiply (if I had had more fabric!) to make a larger quilt and making fewer blocks would make a small quilt. I would have to determine the fabric requirements for more stars and the background. For my first pattern attempt, I will keep the free pattern as the size I made. Happily, I am not daunted by creating the next pattern with more size options! πŸ™‚

D. Two Ways to Make Multiple Sized Quilts – I agree with making a pattern simple to use, regardless of the size. The best patterns (IMHO) only change the number of blocks to make for the size adjustment, but not the measurements to create a different sized block. A lot of quilters tweak patterns after they make a sample block anyway. The size options could easily get you bogged down trying to plan for every possible option!

E. Borders or not? – I knew my floating stars needed a frame, so that was easy. Sometimes, a design just needs a binding – like a baby quilt or charity quilt. I also liked the idea of pulling the tiny bit of orange out of the focus fabric for a bit of pop. I chose a thin inner border and an outer border. I really liked this orange fabric called “Suds” by Patrick Lose Studios for RJR Fabrics.


Can you see the bits of orange?

F. Determining the size of the block – I can’t recall the size of the block! I’ll have to do better on that. But I would know that back in step A.

G. My Design Process for Turquoise Stars – again, I knew I had this particular fabric and I wanted to learn the Tri-Rec Ruler along with a friend. I was limited by the amount of fabrics on hand – I was stash-busting! After I made the blocks, I determined (with a LOT of input from quilting friends on Facebook on this post!) that the stars looked their best set on point. THEN, I realized I would not have enough of the white tone-on-tone for the setting triangles but I found another white in my stash that blended well enough. The only additional fabric I purchased was the orange bubbles.

H. Fabric Options – for me, see A and G.

I hope this series is giving you the courage to create your own quilt and perhaps even a pattern to share! I like how the series is breaking it down…step-by-step…and it really isn’t hard at all!

Check back next week and let’s do this!


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