Change at the Speed of Life

March is here and with it comes change. For most people, it just means a change in the season…are you slowly thawing out where you live? Are your favorite things starting to bud and bloom? For us, it means another adventure!

Recently, Bonnie Hunter posted this photo on her Quiltville Facebook page…


Thanks, Bonnie! What a timely phrase! Change is scary but it’s also sometimes just the thing you need to do.

If you have followed this blog for a bit (or know us as friends and family do), you know we have moved a few times in our 36 years of marriage. For the most part, the reasons have been (mostly) economic conditions and/or chasing a dream. Our move to Hawaii in 2015 was a big dream…and guess what!? we sat in the front row and did it!!

But, things in life have a way of changing…not that we WANT them to change, sometimes they just do all by themselves. As much as we would like, we can’t control everything life throws at us.

Yet the things we CAN control do take action. So, most of our friends and family know that we are action-taking types and know when to make things happen.

Moving to Hawaii was a big risk…it would be a 50/50 chance. Should we take it on? We weighed all the pros and cons and took a deep breath, and did it. We knew there would be things we couldn’t control but it was worth a shot…this one chance to live our longtime dream. Reality can be harsh, however and we found we were on the second part of that 50/50 chance…the part that usually stops most folks in their tracks.

So, now what do we do? Where do we go? When do we leave? What’s the plan?

Well, then it’s time to start a new dream!

When we first considered moving to Hawaii back in 2014, Florida was our backup plan. Now its THE plan! And we’ve taken action! Watch out Florida…here we come!

Our beautiful Kauai home is already under contract and we are set to close on April 4! Most of February was spent making it ready to sell and fortunately for us, our buyer was renting across the street! They love our neighborhood and all the upgrades we have done to the house was greatly appreciated. Just this week, Mr. G sold his 1-year old Tacoma pickup in less than 24 hours!

After we close on the house in April and yet another tax season is out of the way, we will take some time to visit Maui and the Big Island…we might not be this close to them ever again…so we are taking advantage of that! Then, we’ll take some time in May to visit our parents as we make our way to Florida.


We hope to be in the Ft. Myers/Bonita Springs area by June 1st.

Yes, Stella (the longarm quilting machine) will cross the Pacific, again, and I will continue the blog and quilting. I’ve read there are 120 quilt shops in Florida! And, of course, I can still quilt barefoot and get my toes sandy!! Woohoo!!

As Bilbo Baggins said, “I think I’m ready for another adventure!” Let’s go!!

Stay tuned!


Barefoot Beach!


Kauai Quilt Show 2017

The Kauai Quilt Show 2017 will be from February 10-22 at the Kukui Grove Shopping Center, Lihue at the Kauai Society of Artists location. Thank you KSA for allowing us the use of your space.

Here are a few photos from this year’s setup…thanks to all the volunteers!


We are in a new space this year so the layout was carefully planned.


The poles are going up as quilts are being delivered!


Quilts being checked in.


Each quilt is labeled and numbered.


Once labeled, they are ready to hang!


Measuring, lighting is adjusted, hanging & rearranging quilts…busy, busy, busy!


2 of 3 baskets of donation quilts tagged and ready for sale!


Every quilt entered will be displayed…these are waiting for their spot.

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow of the final setup. It came together great and will be an awesome show! We have over 70 quilts and 20+ donation quilts. Various quilts are for sale and there will be Viewer’s Choice awards.

I hope you can attend! Admission is free!




Top Ten Tuesday {St. Patrick’s Day}

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up next week, Aurifil’s Top Ten Tuesday items are just right!

I hope you find something to inspire you today!

Happy Aloha Rainbows to you!


Top Ten Tuesday

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we’re thinking in green and rainbows. What if the pot at the end of the rainbow was actually full of Aurifil threads? That might just be better than gold!;)

This week, we’ve got a great lineup of projects that will get you ready for your well-crafted Irish celebrations.

1. Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Tutorial — Crafting Chicks


2. Irish Chain Quilt by Heather Jones for Missouri Quilt Co.


3. DIY Rainbow Banner — Liz Stanley for SayYes and Momtastic

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.29.51 PM

4. Leprechaun Pant Treat Bag — Positively Splendid


5. Rainbow Ruffle Dress — Housewives of Riverton


6. Clover Quilt Block Tutorial — Piece N Quilt

clover no lines by natalia bonner of piece n quilt

7. Rainbow Shamrock Brooch — Adventures in Making


8. Luck of the Irish Table Topper — Margie Ullery for Moda Bake Shop


9. Lucky Shamrock Pillow — Forth Worth Fabric Studio


10. Fair Isle Baby Quilt — Leah Douglas…

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Get Creative with YouTube

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned the amazing world of YouTube videos…those FREE tutorials and helpful tips and tricks shared by awesome, talented people. I wanted to share some of my latest discoveries, in case you don’t have time to waste spend searching for inspiration for your next quilting project.


My newest “I have to try THAT” technique is thread painting. This isn’t really a NEW thing to me…a few years ago, while living in New Mexico, I met a most delightful lady, an artist named Pam Holland who does A-MAZING things with some special photographs she takes (among the plethora of other A-MAZING artwork she does!) I have blogged about her before here. I have been daydreaming, and thinking, and pondering, and putting off and had to get other things out of my UFO stash, about what Pam does as easily as she breathes and kisses her grandies. I used to think I couldn’t do anything close to what she does, BUT now I am ready to take a scary leap and give it a go!

I Am Pam Holland – get a nice, big cup of tea and savor her site for a good while

Pam has also been a contributor of videos for The Quilt Show. The Quilt Show has wonderful tutorials as well as introductions to textile artists from around the world! Oh, yea, you can spend A LOT OF TIME on this channel!

The Quilt Show via YouTube

I discovered this talented lady’s YouTube video thanks to Facebook. Marilyn Lee does amazing things in Landscape quilts and thread painting…even using up her SCRAP stash! A gal after my heart! She has a 6-part series on thread painting…on her TREADLE sewing machine, no less!

Marilyn Lee via YouTube – sit back and learn while beautiful music accompanies her teaching

Who doesn’t love Jenny Doan and Missouri Star Quilt Company?! If you want to learn ANYTHING about quilting, including short-cuts, tools, and help with fabrics, Jenny is the way to go! Gotta love that quacking duck sound at the end of her prelude music!

Missouri Star Quilt Company – be sure to sign up for her Daily Deals email

To be fair to the quilting guys in the crowd, Man Quilting is a great guy! He does more than quilts, so check out all the videos this talented man has to offer!

Man Quilting via YouTube

I could do this all day, but I gotta get busy being creative as well as the domestic diva duties taunting me from the rest of the house! I tell most anyone asking me “where do you come up with your ideas?” to check Google or YouTube. They are my go-to for quick information and tons of tips and tricks. You can also check out my (partial) list of favorite blogs on the right side bar.

So…what are going to do next? Go be inspired and then walk away from your computer so you can get those hands busy!

Happy Monday to you!

creative ways



#1 Amazing Blog to Share Today

I’ve enjoyed reading several blogs written by lots of interesting people over the last day or so mostly about New Year’s resolutions.

I found this one to be especially spot on. The fearless leader of The Badass Quilters Society spoke directly to me on this one!

#1 Amazing Trick to Becoming a Better Quilter

I have been thinking I might have wandered a bit from my “beachy quilter” moniker by adding in other things I like to do, but she has given my liberty to do so! I love lots of things besides quilting and, I believe, because of my interests in those things lets my mind grow and evolve which, in turn, lets my quilting interests grow and evolve as well.

If you are a new quilter, don’t be intimidated by complex designs or complicated patterns. We all start out as beginners…EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US! You will make mistakes and that’s ok…that’s how we learn. I am just now, after 25+ years of “quilting”, feeling I am ready to go in another direction. My new favorite colors and designs are a far leap from the simple 9-patch my Nanna taught me and she would be my biggest cheerleader in my new adventures.

I agree that looking at a LOT of Pinterest links (including Miss Badass’)will keep you from getting any quilting done, BUT the creativity of others is so inspiring! The hours I waste spend looking through the infinity of the Internet is GOOD for me! You can learn so much via YouTube videos and artists’ websites and books…these are generous people…they want to teach you, and for FREE for the most part! Buying a designer’s pattern or artist’s book is a very small price to pay for inspiration and instructions…they already made the mistakes for you! 🙂

I was inspired by this photo…

Floating Prisms quilt pattern

Floating Prisms

…when I created this…

Paper pieced scrappy stars

“Freefalling” measures 61 x 74″

My pattern looks very little like the original design, and that’s how it is supposed to work! Take the idea of someone else and put your spin on it! Their pattern was diamonds…well, I like stars better (I wanted to practice more paper-piecing and those fabrics were in my stash!) See how that works?!

So, having said that, I am off to dream and think about the direction I want my quilts to go this year. Here are a few of my inspirations and ideas for the new year! You can see more on my Pinterest boards here.


From the Hoffman Challenge 2010


Can you say “TEXTURES”!?! Love this!


Skinny quilt

From the book “Skinny Quilts and Table Runners” by Eleanor Levie

Have to make

Are you seeing a pattern?! I think “water” must be my theme for this year! What else would you expect from a beachy quilter?! 🙂

I hope you grow and stretch your creative endeavors in 2016!

Just do it!! Blaze a trail for yourself and let me know how it goes!







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