The Artistry of Sheena Norquay, Part 2 — The Beach Collection

Well, I’m not gonna lie…I love everything in this post!
Sit back and enjoy!


Sheena Norquay’s Beach Collection was inspired by the colours of shells, stones, pebbles, sea glass and sand. It is a box of 12 Large Spools of 50wt thread.

The Colours are:
2524 (light blue/purple), 2564 (light pink/lilac), 4150 (yellow variegated)
1248 (dark blue/purple), 2311 (cream), 2375 (peach)
2610 ((dark grey/blue), 2312 (light beige), 2340 (light rust)
2615 (light grey), 2805 (light turquoise), 2326 (dark beige)

Please visit The Artistry of Sheena Norquay, Part 1 for more details + the full interview with Sheena.

To enter-to-win The Beach Collection by Sheena Norquay, please leave us a comment on this post letting us know which of Sheena’s pieces below is your favorite and why. Entry will close at 11:59pm on Friday, August 18 and a winner will be announced here on Saturday, August 19. This giveaway is open to all of our International friends!

Tell us about The Beach…

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A Memories Quilt

I was asked to modify my “Turtle Bay” wall-hanging into a baby quilt…so I did! It’s about 40″ square and it turned out great! 🙂


Another Etsy customer contacted me to modify a baby quilt a bit further…into a memories quilt…using fabrics with special meanings that she would send to me. And instead of a turtle, could it have a whale’s tail since the recipient lives in California. OK. And since there would be a lot of water without much else going on, how about adding an octopus or something? OK. We decided on jellyfish instead. AND could I get it finished by the end of January? OK. No pressure! :0

Before I show you the finished quilt (which would now be a wall-hanging since some of the fabrics I received were either too old, fragile or otherwise delicate) I’m going to list what was sent to me…last Monday! We leave for Japan tomorrow…meaning I had less than six days to complete this project! Game ON!

  • One bridesmaid dress in blue silk…not a stain, rip or tear.
  • One old baby quilt…well loved, very thin, tied with yarn and with a sizeable chunk out of one corner.
  • One lovely blue woven scarf/shawl with fringe…perfect condition.
  • One western style, blue striped shirt…again, perfect condition.
  • One delicate linen place mat type doily…belonged to her grandmother. Sure, she says, “it’s ok to cut it up!” :0
  • One blue scrub top…you got it by now…perfectly washed and wearable.
  • One yard of snail fabric…LOTS of snails!
  • One WOF  x 5″ piece each of books on cream background, airplanes on gray background and modern pine trees (What?!)
  • One piece of a woven scarf, also embroidered by her grandmother, beige with greenery and metallic ribbon cross.
  • A piece of a special baby crib sheet with yellow bears…well loved and super stretchy
  • One cream colored silk belt
  • One novelty souvenir tea towel from New Zealand…she wanted the flip flops and a Pohutukawa flower on it somehow, plus the whale tale was a nice bonus

Each and every item had a special meaning or memory for this woman’s family. This would not be an ordinary quilt…it would be quirky, completely personal and unique…a wonderful baby gift!

Now, you get to see how all of these plus a few batiks I added, created this!


Starting at the top, obviously the airplane fabric had to be in the sky. We don’t want to traumatize anyone gazing upon this quilt to think planes should be anywhere else! The well loved baby quilt was added to the sky – the ties could be clouds, right?! (Sorry, my closeup’s didn’t come out very well!)

The water…well, the whale tail on the tea towel was kinda small, so (he, she?) it needed a bigger whale’s tail to add interest. I added the darkest blue/black I had for the horizon line, next came the lovely blue woven scarf, then the silk dress and scrub top fabrics. The snail fabric represents rolling (you can see that, right?!)  They really needed to set on rocks but no time to hunt down that fabric from my stash. More water batik and an awesome bubble fabric I had which worked with the trees. Trees? In the water?! Well, now they look like jelly fish in the depths…see it?! More on the jellyfish in a minute.


Foamy, swirly batik and the western striped shirt begin the shoreline break. Grandmother’s linen became waves crashing at the bottom (that was the hardest piece for me to incorporate AND cut up!) An off-white dotty fabric and pieces of the baby crib sheet and silk belt are the start of the sandy shore.

The jellyfish are part of Grandmother’s scarf and the blue woven scarf…the blue fringe was perfect for tentacles!! I added silk ties from the bridesmaid dress as well as the white ribbons used to hang up the sleeveless dress! Cool, right?!


The book fabric is bits of sea glass…stretch your imagination…but not so far that you think it is plastic flotsam, ok?! 😉 Two sandy beige batiks finish up the bottom of the quilt and give us a place to lay the beach towel, kick off the flip flops and gather New Zealand’s red flowers. The “towel” is made from Grandmother’s embroidered scarf and the silk belt for the border.

I texted with this customer as the quilt progressed. There were changes as we went along but in the end, she was very happy with the result! I hope it is well received as a lot of thought and loving memories went into making it.

It is now boxed up, postage paid and ready to go in the mail! It will be flying east as we head west! I don’t usually take on a project with a deadline such as this, but I’m pleased with it as well. Tired…but pleased! 🙂

Besides, I’ll have PLENTY of time to rest on the way to Japan…tomorrow!! Off to finish packing!

I can’t wait to meet this little girl in person!! ❤




A Visit from the Parents!

Is just seems like a few days ago was Mother’s Day and now we are already on the back end of May! 😦

We had a wonderful week with my parents here! We took them to most of the favorite tourist stops as well as a few of our own. Warning! Lots of pictures in this post! 🙂

I snapped this right after they arrived…first visit deserves leis!13102892_10205691096347739_6254736735454922087_n

My mom’s belated Mother’s Day floral arrangement was stunning! Thanks Safeway Floral Dept.!!


First up, we had a mini family reunion with my mom’s cousin (well, she is my cousin, too!) at one of our favorite restaurants. You can go back to this post to see how we met Debbie and Chuck for the first time!


We went to their home for more photos and to show my parents their lovely acreage!


We were entertained and fed very well at the Smith Family Luau. These were my favorite photos – my parents by one of the water features in the tropical gardens and Mr. G and me waiting for the food!

Next up was the west side of the island…Waimea Canyon and the Kalalou Lookout at Koke’e Park. The first stop was the Kauai Coffee Company!




Then the splendor that is Kauai!


Waimea Canyon waterfall


We only got a brief glance of the beach through the cloud cover.





A picnic in the clouds

A brief stop at Poipu and the Blow Hole…south side of Kauai


Natural blow hole


Trying to get a picture of the sea turtle

Off to the north side is next…


Pier at Hanalei


Waterfall in the distance


Taro fields-right


Taro fields-left

How about a riverboat ride to the Fern Grotto? You bet!


Our ride is by the umbrella…


complete with singing entertainment and a hula dancer!


This is NOT our golden retriever, Ruby!


The cave is large enough to not be easily captured in one photo…


and the sun was just right above to put a glare on almost every shot.


But the flora and fauna were outstanding!

Of course, a trip to the Kilauea Lighthouse is a must see!

This is view as we walked up to the lighthouse…A15A16A17


Our week went by quickly but not without a quiet beach day before their last day. Papa gave snorkeling a try…and liked it a lot! One more waterfall and a dinner by the ocean before they left.


Wailua Falls (the Fantasy Island waterfall!)



I am so glad they were able to come to Kauai and hope they took back some great memories! We jammed in a lot to see…but didn’t even make a dent in the list of other things to see and do. We’ll save those for another visit!

I hope you enjoyed the photos…we took a bunch as did the folks. These are just a few of the best ones. Some are still on Mr. G’s camera…who knows what gems are still to follow! But we did have a silly family photo taken…gotta get those every now and then, right?! 😉


No one even fell down!! Ha!

Sunburns were kept at a minimal…one slightly bald head got a bit pink and a v-neck blouse revealed a healthy glow to take home…they said their sunscreen was SPF 100…I guess it really works! 😉


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