Kauai Quilt Show Winners

Here are photos of the top three favorites as voted on by visitors to our show!

First Place Viewers Choice by Toni W. – gorgeous batiks in tropical colors


Second Place Viewers Choice by Carole W. – gorgeous bird of paradise


Third Place Viewers Choice by Cheryl B. – stunning indigo and sashiko


We had a great show! We sold several quilts! We received such nice compliments from our visitors!

I personally sold SIX items!!!


Paradise Time


Wall Hanging – Calm Waters-Dusk


Wall Hanging – Calm Waters-Blue

And THREE wall hangings similar to this little turtle!!¬† ūüôā


I’ll take a bit of a break this afternoon, but tomorrow I gotta get busy…!!





Hey, February, Are You Done Yet?!

Ok…enough complaining about the cold. It is what it is…especially here in Oklahoma in February. I am just impatiently waiting to get to Kauai! Remember, I already confirmed I don’t have patience as my number one virtue here!

So back to getting busy with the scrappy stars…I did get the top nearly finished. I am only showing you the back for now since I want to add borders to complete the “floating” idea I wanted.

Paper piecing

Waiting for a good pressing after I remove all the d@#$ paper bits!

Close-up of papers to be removed.

Close-up of papers to be removed. Can you say “I see pressing¬†all those seams open¬†in your future?!” Ugh!

I mentioned here my inspiration for the design. I did change up some of the rows since my stars are not the same size as the pattern’s ‘Prisms’. Since they are smaller, they didn’t “float” to my liking.

Notice the numbered pins I mentioned here? Again, when changing the layout of any project, these can keep you from getting things totally messed up!


Keeping the rows in order…very important when you “design” your own way with a pattern!

It was 17 degrees when we got up this a.m. so I will be staying inside and working on the borders.

Progress on Kauai house: The sellers received an acceptable bid for the garage door replacement and asked if we would take half the amount as credit. We accepted this on Wednesday! Now we wait for the appraisal and the termite inspection and, hopefully, FINALLY get a closing date! *sigh*

Oh, and guess what?! We are a mere 8 days until our daughter’s wedding! Fingers crossed Mother Nature¬†blesses us with a sunny day!

Happy Friday, y’all!


Waiting for disclosure…so let’s play!


Just so you know things are a wee bit different in Hawaii when purchasing property. Once you find your perfect place, you go through the normal bidding process. When the price is agreed upon and the contract is signed, you submit your escrow. THEN, you receive the seller’s disclosure statement…but not for up to 10 more days! While we wait for the disclosure, we, the buyer’s, select the home and termite inspectors…and wait some more!

Soooo…while we wait, I played for a while with the scrappy stars in progress! I haven’t worked on them since before we went to Kauai…click here to recall how they started.

7-point stars in progress...

7-point stars in progress…

Units A & B ready to go!

Units A & B ready to go!

They are stacked randomly and I am not giving too much though into sewing the units together. For my picky¬†self, I just don’t want the sides that meet to be the same fabric.


The walking foot on my machine makes assembling paper-pieced seams easy!

For the bulk created in the center seam, I like pressing it open…DSC05057

Chain piecing is my friend!


We are having lovely, spring-like weather this weekend. I hope yours is sunny wherever you are! We spent some outside time with grandson #1 yesterday…loved playing with him!

A lovely day for a swing with Papa...

A lovely day for a swing with Papa…

Some fresh air playing...

Or playing on the slide…

...and hanging out by the duck pond!

Or let’s¬†just hang out by the duck pond!

Have a lovely Sunday!


When the scraps don’t seem to dwindle…

Yesterday was set aside for taking care of some domestic diva stuff…as well as some personal “maintenance!…annual eye doctor appointment, haircut and color, laundry and such.

Eye doctor says very little change in prescription (YES!…getting older means readers…but mine are VERY low power!) Haircut and color (keeping that pesky gray at bay so the eye doctor will repeat on my next visit, “I never would have guessed you are 52!) Moving to a humid environment means a low maintenance style so I have gone back to a tried and true, classic style for me…side parted bob! This morning, it took less than 15 minutes to dry and style…lovin’ that!

This a.m., Ruby the Golden diva got her bath and nails trimmed. She smells so much better! Here in Oklahoma, we are all suffering from allergies and she is no exception! An itchy dog is not a happy dog!

The plan for¬†this afternoon, is to¬†get back to¬†using up the scraps from previous projects. Here is the progress on the scrappy, paper-pieced stars…I mentioned the start of them¬†here.

65 halves...2 test stars completed...and I STILL have scraps!

65 halves…2 completed stars…STILL have scraps!

The scraps don’t seem to be dwindling (just HOW many quilts can I make with all these¬†beachy blues and greens!?), so I am going to use them up in my fastest, favorite way…Mile-A-Minute blocks…

About midway through block assembly!

About midway through block assembly!

This is an easy way to use up odd sizes of scraps…log cabin style…with no real plan…just power sewing! It’s a nice break from the paper-piecing as well!

Here is one I made a few years back…they really turn out nicely! This one was made with Thimbleberry scraps and I had enough to make 2 of them – jeez!! I gifted one of them to my sister-in-law. Ruby the Golden makes a lovely model…right?!

Thimbleberry Mile-A-Minute scrappy-goodness!

I’m off to get some lunch, then hopefully get that little Viking DSM humming!

Have a great day and let me hear what you are working on!

Do not stop


Hello, December…brrr!

Last night, November bowed out gracefully…after 3 full days of windy, leaf blowing audacity…then December showed up…at 23 degrees this morning! Did I ever mention how much I hate the cold?! Pretty sure I might have mentioned it…grrrr!! ūüė¶

Mr. G started feeling crummy with chest congestion and aches; he had chills then was over-heated…not a great way to end the weekend, poor guy! And we were so over-the-top happy just the day before!

Wait for it…wait for it…no…we haven’t found a place yet to settle in Kauai, but…we did get some good news on Saturday! We did some inquiries with some mortgage lenders…who ran our credit report…and it was excellent!!! Our credit is in great shape to potentially go straight to purchasing a place rather than rent!!! Well, that made us do some happy dancing!!!

So as soon as Mr. G feels a bit more like his usual self, we can start a new search for our piece of paradise! It still won’t happen until after the first of 2015 but that’s just fine! I know our perfect place is just waiting for us to find it!

In the meanwhile, since we are STILL stuck inside and out of the bitter cold winds…might as well keep attacking the scraps. Enough “Falling Charms” already…I am ready for some beachy blues, greens and purples! Good grief…I think those scraps keep breeding just as fast as I sell fabric and move it into someone else’s stash!

I found this Seven Point Star paper pieced pattern as a freebie via Pinterest. You can get it free here, too! Thanks Jennifer Ofenstein! You can read her blog here. As you can see, I needed to practice a bit before I jumped back into paper-piecing again! Oops! I didn’t leave QUITE enough on this side!

Test...well, yea...it's a fail!

Test…well, yea…it’s a fail! And that’s why you do a test block!!

Using up scraps...how can there STILL be so much!?!

Using up scraps…how can there STILL be so much!?!

Not to be deterred, I got another one going…and here is a weekend’s worth of efforts!

And it begins...

And it begins…

Side A's and B's become...

Sides A and B become…

...a rockin' Seven Point Star ready for...well, not really sure just yet!

…a rockin’ Seven Point Star ready for…well, not really sure just yet!

Pretty, right?!

I am thinking…these are 5″ finished…maybe some framing strips to make them a bit bigger…say maybe like this…I do have a few more batik scraps…hmmm…what do you think?!?! I found Dilly-Dally Days blog here

Dilly-Dally Days star quilt using "Lucky Stars" by Terry Atkinson pattern

Dilly-Dally Days star quilt using “Lucky Stars” pattern by Terry Atkinson

or maybe something like this…ooohhh…isn’t that some awesome quilting?!??

Quilt by Margaret Solomon Gunn

Quilt by Margaret Solomon Gunn

Well, no matter what I go with, I gotta make more stars! Seems fitting since I am dreaming of stars over Kauai…sparkling above coconut palms…can you see it?!

Courtesy of Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort via Facebook

Courtesy of Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort via Facebook

Oh, and that 23 degrees here in Oklahoma? Well, it’s a lovely 76 in Kauai today…*sigh*

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