Kauai Quilt Show Winners

Here are photos of the top three favorites as voted on by visitors to our show!

First Place Viewers Choice by Toni W. – gorgeous batiks in tropical colors


Second Place Viewers Choice by Carole W. – gorgeous bird of paradise


Third Place Viewers Choice by Cheryl B. – stunning indigo and sashiko


We had a great show! We sold several quilts! We received such nice compliments from our visitors!

I personally sold SIX items!!!


Paradise Time


Wall Hanging – Calm Waters-Dusk


Wall Hanging – Calm Waters-Blue

And THREE wall hangings similar to this little turtle!!  🙂


I’ll take a bit of a break this afternoon, but tomorrow I gotta get busy…!!





Kauai Quilt Show 2017-Part 2

As promised, here are some pictures taken at random of the show! Enjoy!

This year, we have storefront windows for display! Sorry for the glare on the glass, but what a lovely presentation! Left to right – all are donations quilts for sale!

Get ready to be dazzled!! 🙂


Pretty awesome, right?! My apologies to the artists whose quilts I missed. Some were sold before I could get a picture!

I hope you enjoy the pictures, but the quilts are so much more vibrant in person! Please visit as soon as you can! The show runs through February 22!




Kauai Quilt Show-Meet the Quilters

Opening day of the Kauai Quilt Show 2016 was fantastic! The day ended with “Meet the Quilter” reception. Not all of the quilts were represented by their respective maker but I snagged a few photos of those in attendance. I will try to get photos of everyone who entered a quilt as the show continues through March 29 so keep checking back!

I took this photo as soon as I arrived for my 2 o’clock shift. The tables in the center will be for the reception.



There are 60 quilts on display! On the display cubes are charity quilts for purchase. I believe we sold five already! I assisted in the sale of the quilt on the left below! A nice couple visiting from Sacramento, CA purchased it as well as a charity quilt!


Here is the cute “Sahlei” sign for the White Elephant Sale area!


I was taking pictures quickly and didn’t get everyone’s name but I will come back later and add names. For now…just enjoy a few of the quilts along with their maker…in no particular order! Even those without a ribbon prize are awesome!


Lastly, me…Bali Pop Rocks on the left had to be folded in half for display (we had to do this for a few quilts due to space limitations) and granddaughter Evelyn’s quilt on the right.

I’ll post more pictures later!

I hope you enjoy these and have a great Saturday!










Remember No DST in Hawaii

Happy Sunday to you! Here in the U.S, Daylight Savings Time is in effect…except here in Hawaii…yayyy!!! The time change always messed me up for several days and I am grateful that won’t be an issue for me from now on – except for remembering what time it is when I call friends and family on the mainland!! 🙂

I saw an exciting post shared by Vicky’s Fabrics, one of my LQS, about a retreat this summer here on Kauai! Guess who’s coming here…Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company! Whoohoo!! I snagged the info and photo from their site!!

Indulge Retreat In 

Hawaii & Kansas City In 2016!

Four days you will remember for a very long time…

Featuring Jenny Doan



Here is the link shared in the post if you would like to attend. It will be hosted by Indulge Retreat.

Our Kauai Quilt Guild monthly meeting is today, so I am sure there will be a lot of buzz about this! I want to know if we locals can join in the fun without having to stay at the resort. However, if that is a requirement, then I will make that sacrifice!! Oh, hell yea!! 😉

It will be a busy week as our quilt show opens this coming Friday! Setup will be on Thursday. If you have ever worked behind the scenes of quilt show you know how crazy that will be! (Think “herding cats”!) I can’t wait to share photos of that as well as some of the lovely quilts on display! Check back for that!

If you are wanting to attend our FREE quilt show, click on the “Things to See & Do” tab above for details!

I also finished this quilt mentioned in this post! It was a top I made just before we left Oklahoma last March! I found a gorgeous batik at Kapaia Stitchery, another LQS, for the backing and binding. There is a peek of it on my Instagram today!

Beach Glass March 2015 (1)

” Beach Glass”

I’ll get some help taking a final picture of it today and post tomorrow!

Have a blessed Sunday…wherever you are…and whatever time it is!



And the winners are…!!

If you are lucky this year to attend the Houston’s Internationa Quilt Festival, you are lucky indeed!! It is an awesome thing to see…

George R Brown Convention Center

George Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas

It will always remind me of a big cruise ship! And it holds a lot of quilts, quilters, vendors, fabrics, notions, sewing machines and all things quilting, or distantly related, of every shape and color, and on and on!! Every quilter MUST attend Quilt Festival at least once in!

I remember taking my Nana along with aunts, sister-in-law and my mom one year…my grandmother fussed because I insisted she could NOT attend Festival without a wheel chair. (I had been before…I knew how much walking and standing would be involved!)

Of course, she complained, groaned and moaned about it all the way to Houston. However, once inside…her eyes got as big as saucers, with a big grin on her face (because in a wheelchair, she got to go to the head of the line, too!) she crossed her arms, and said, “I won’t say another word.” I wish I had snapped a picture of her as we entered the convention center!

She didn’t keep her arms crossed for long…she wanted to take as much of it in, and as well as ON, as much as we could bag up for her and hang off the handles on the wheelchair!! She was enchanted, a bit overwhelmed, but so excited about all that is “THE quilt show” of Texas! I am so glad she was healthy, feisty and raring to go and that I have a super special memory of her and our adventure!! 🙂

It is fascinating to walk the floor, listening to all the International voices, see all the colors and excitement that bursts inside that cavernous space! Laughter, oohs and aaahhs, and hearing over and over, “I want that!”, “Oh, how cute!”, “I’ll take x number of yards of this,” and, forevermore repeated, “How am I going to get it all in the bag, suitcase, car, plane, or box to ship it back home?!”  And, of course, all the QUILTS!!! Every shape, style and size imaginable!

Photo courtesy of Everfest.com – this is just a very tiny portion of the convention floor!!

ANYWAY…the winners of this year’s Festival are stunning. Enjoy browsing through the photos and dream big! These winners sure did…and look how lucky they are!! 😀


If you are near Houston, or Texas for that matter!, you still have time to attend!! The show runs through Sunday, November 1st! Get on your good walking shoes, grab some cash and/or plastic money, and GO! You won’t be disappointed!!



Quilt Event Part 2

Yesterday I shared Part 1 of the quilt eventful day I had last Friday in New Mexico. You can read about it here if you missed it!

Again, we had a need to go to Alto, NM to empty our storage unit before our big move to Hawaii later this year. We knew the trip had to wait until June, at the earliest, due to our trip to Kauai, end of tax season deadlines and due to the summer heat if we waited until much later in the summer. Summer in the mountains can still be pretty warm even though the evenings are nice and cool. The smell of pine trees in summer…aaahhh!

Sierra Blanca, Ruidoso, NM

Sierra Blanca, Ruidoso, NM as seen from our previous home in Alto

Remembering my first (as well as theirs!) Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts which I attended in June, 2010 (ironically just before our move to Norman!), I hoped there would be a way to attend in 2014 before our move to Hawaii. Well, the hubster agreed the week of June 16 would be the week to go to New Mexico! We would work and clear out the storage unit the first of the week and then I could visit with my long-distance quilting friends on Friday evening!

It was just a fluke I attended that first event back in 2010. Another quilting friend, Janelle, called me all excited about a quilt show coming up in Alamogordo and Pam Holland was going to be teaching a class. Janelle said, “Get on your computer and find out who she is! She is from Australia and must be a BIG deal! I don’t know how they got her to come to little ol’ Alamogordo, New Mexico, but do you want to go?!” I had not heard of Pam Holland either but got on the computer and found her blog. She sounded interesting, so I called Janelle back and said “Sure, why not!? Let’s go!”

We had a blast! Pam is funny, colorful and has traveled the world teaching her quilting techniques and taking fabulous photos of her travels. I have been a huge fan ever since. Her humble beginnings into the quilting world have taken her all the way from Aldgate, Australia to her quilts being displayed in many quilt shows and exhibits plus several museums!

She and friend, Lisa Blevins of Alamogordo (the story of their fluke meeting is a fun one, too!) wanted to have an event to benefit local children. Five years later, the SNFQ is gaining speed, vendors and quilters from all over New Mexico. The attendees this year came from as far away as Nebraska and California. Every year a children’s charity in southern New Mexico counties is selected to receive the proceeds from the Festival.  Pam generously donates her time, talent and fee to the event as well as offers a dinner lecture with tales of her travels and gorgeous photography. She is a proud Gamma to 23 grandchildren and shares their sweet faces with the world on her blog and her lecture slides.

Pam sharing one of her grandies with us!

Pam sharing one of her grandies with us!

The dinner lecture attendees has grown and a new venue this year was needed. The Desert Lakes Golf Course stepped up and provided the 19th Hole banquet room and Pam with her favorite (green chile cheeseburger) and a buffet of tacos, enchiladas and the fixings for the rest of us! (I got my green chile fix while we were in New Mexico, too!)

Display of Pam's quilts outside the classroom.

Display of Pam’s quilts outside the classroom.

Pam's photograph...

Pam’s photograph…

...becomes a thread painted work of art

…becomes a thread painted work of art…AMAZING, no?!

And…as if she isn’t busy enough, she writes books, too!

Here is a sampling of the Festival…

Quilts on display at the entrance

Quilts on display at the entrance

DSC04656 DSC04655

Excellent vintage feedsack fabrics in a new quilt

Excellent vintage feedsack fabrics in a new quilt

Feedsack quilt detail...love the ric-rac stems!

Feedsack quilt detail…love the ric-rac stems!

DSC04651 DSC04650DSC04647

Vendor booth

Vendor booth

Vendor booth

Vendor booth

Viewer's Choice Ribbons

Viewer’s Choice Ribbons

Here is a link to the Viewer’s Choice First Place…it was the raffle quilt for Pecos Valley Quilters of Roswell, NM (of course I didn’t get a picture of it!). I was a member of this guild when I lived in Alto!! It was designed by J. Michelle Watts and Kerry McCall and quilted by my friend Rita Galaska! I am pretty excited to know the designer AND the quilter of yet another award winning quilt!!

There were many door prizes awarded during the dinner lecture…and I won one!! Click on the link to see my prize!  The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet book signed by Pam!

Thanks to Facebook, I have made some life-long friends from New Mexico. I only met these women in 2010, at a quilt show with a dinner lecture featuring a world traveling quilter, for one short day but will stay connected with them through the magic of the Internet, blogs and Facebook.

The two who started it all...Pam Holland & Lisa Blevins aka Thelma & Louise

The two who started it all…Pam Holland & Lisa Blevins (aka Thelma & Louise -complete with road trips!!)

My friend, Caron Rohde Smith

My friend, Caron Rohde Smith. So nice of her to wear a hat that matched my shirt!!

Who knows when our paths may cross again!?

Who knows when or where our paths may cross again!? Perhaps in Hawaii?!?

So that was my fun filled Friday…two quilting events, catching up with long-distance friends and more fun memories of New Mexico. Take it from me…never miss an opportunity to meet someone new, learn a new technique or skill and always make time for reconnecting with friends.

Live each day to its fullest…love with all your heart…bring laughter and hugs with you where ever you go. Who knows? You might just get some it in return! That is my wish for you all!

P.S. Save the date…Pam will be returning to Alamogordo July 16-17-18, 2015!!

P.S.S. Why does Pam like coming to visit Alamogordo, NM in the summer? Because now it’s winter in Australia, mate…and she hates the cold!!

Quilt Event Part 1

Yesterday I mentioned our trip to New Mexico and how I squeezed in not one, but two quilt events! It didn’t start out that way…sometimes things just work out!

The Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts in Alamogordo, NM was on the wish list for 2014 and it conveniently just so happened to fall during a week in June that would work for the trip to clean out the storage unit. I’ll talk to you more about that tomorrow.

My treat for all the hard work cleaning out the storage unit earlier in the week was to go to the Festival on Friday, but…then my mom informed me of a quilt exhibit on display at the Hubbard Museum of the American West in Ruidoso Downs, NM. Cool!! I knew I would have the entire day to myself so I could pop in there before heading to the Festival!

“Beyond Tradition” by the Studio Art Quilt Associates of New Mexico (SAQA) includes the banner artworks of “Enchanted Threads/A Walk in the Wild” which had been on display at the City of Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center in the winter of 2012.

A Walk in the Wild banners

A Walk in the Wild banners

A-Maizing by Nora Bebee

A-Maizing by Nora Bebee

Close up of A-Maizing-dimensional beading & tassels

Close up of A-Maizing-dimensional beading & tassels


S is For...#3 by Shannon Conley (Note this one is reversible!)

S is For…#3 by Shannon Conley (Note this one is reversible!)

S is for...#4 by Shannon Conley

S is for…#4 by Shannon Conley

The 18 banners were included with the exhibit “A Color Runs Through It”. The challenge for the artists was open to all the SAQA members. The works are 18 inches by 24 inches in either vertical or horizontal orientation. They were challended to use black and/or white and any tint/shade of gray in between, plus any number of tints/shades of one color. The pieces are stunning and I took a few photos to share with you.

DSC04622 DSC04621 DSC04626 DSC04625 DSC04624 DSC04619

These are a few I really admired from the “Beyond Traditional” entries…they remind me of our days living in New Mexico. We could enjoy Sierra Blanca from our deck every day and have fond memories of exploring pueblos and the ancient petroglyphs at Three Rivers near Tularosa, NM.


DSC04643 DSC04642 DSC04639

And, of course, I was happy to see some that appeal to my beachy side!!





What made this exhibit even more special was enjoying it with my quilting friend, Rita Galaska. She is a national award winning quilter and pattern designer. (I know some pretty cool people!! In fact, one of her quilting endeavors won a Viewer’s Choice Blue ribbon at the event I will share tomorrow!!)

We had a great time looking at all of these pieces. Even though some were not to our taste, be both can appreciate the artists’ time and efforts in creating each one.

Should you find your way to New Mexico, the fiber arts and quilting community is vibrant and exciting. I hope you check it out! 🙂


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