The Artistry of Sheena Norquay, Part 1

I know,…I know…it’s been a L-O-N-G time since I blogged! I promise we are alive and well here in Naples, Florida! Our move from Kauai in May has kept us busy with finding a home, getting our things shipped from Hawaii, buying new furniture and beach combing. We’ve been in our new home just over a month now and things are starting to gel. We have even had a weekend visit from the grandsons with their mom and dad! Yes, Stella the Statler made the trip just fine. She is getting a spa treatment (reassembled) this weekend! In light of that fact, I’m sew ready!! I have things to share but this article seemed to be the push I needed to get on with it!
This Scottish lady hits all my favs right now…the beach and the soon-to-be-aired Season 3 of Outlander! Enjoy!


I first met Sheena Norquay shortly after I started working with Aurifil, a mere 4 years into my time in this industry. Up until that time, I’d never seen anything quite like her work and was immediately taken with her artistry, her vision, and her undeniable quilting genius. She is adventurous in her work, always up for trying something new, while remaining meticulous and measured in her experimentation. Every time she creates a new piece, she sends along thoughts on that piece… what she tried and why, which threads were used, and what she thought about the process. It is both fascinating and breath-taking and I’m excited to share some of that with you over the next few days.

In the last year, Sheena has released 3 new collections… 2 last Fall and one just this past Spring. Each collection has its own voice, its own purpose, and its own…

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What the?!

Excuse me!? What happened to October? How can it already be the first week of November!?

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened…as I am sure the same is true for you! This seems to always happen, right? One minute you are just recovering from a new roof and then family arrives and goes home (*sniff*) and now it’s already time for the holidays?! Like I said, “What the?!”

Time flies when your hands are busy. So here is a fast recap to catch up…

Grandies came for a wonderful visit and they loved the beach!!

On their Facebook page, I saw this photo of the bedspread I custom quilted for Pu’uwai Design in Koloa…in it’s new home! How gorgeous is this setting!?!? 🙂


My cousin was so happy with her custom quilt made with tropical weight batting (super thin cotton). She took inspiration from her favorite artist, Steve Mei for incorporating  a soothing waterscape across Kona White. I even made matching king size pillow shams! A first for me! Lovely!


I quilted more donation quilts!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I quilted a few customer quilts! (Three of these were flannel and super soft!!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I even got one I “made a long time ago” quilted! Check off one UFO! WhooHoo!!


It is completely done…labeled, too! It looks so nice in the guest bedroom!


I sold a lap quilt and a wall hanging!

I am almost finished with a commissioned quilt. I’ll post about that when it is complete and received by the customer – a high school friend in Texas.

I have worked on other things as well but I am running out of space for photos on the blog. I’m not sure how I will fix that but will address it on another day. In the meantime, I will continue to post almost daily on Instagram and Facebook.

Our quilt show in Kauai will be in February, so I have to work on my entries for that. They are pieced and ready to be quilted with the exception of one. I’m feeling pretty good about that!!! But…they have to be finished in January so it’s too soon to celebrate!

Check out my Facebook Page here for other photos as I get more things quilted and projects in progress. *Like* my page, please, and keep up with my quilting projects!

I am up to 389 but hope to have 500 followers by the end of the year. It’s right around the corner so don’t delay!! Stop by soon!

And since Christmas is quickly approaching (as well as cooler temps!) check out my Etsy shop for some gifts. Or message me if you don’t see something you’d like…give the gift of something handmade and one-of-a-kind…made in Kauai!!




Some more quilting practice

Monday is here again and the week is starting out with more soft rain and then plenty of sunshine! I hope you are enjoying graduations and time with your family!

I loved showing my mother the Gammill while she was here! I even showed her how to load a quilt top and thread the machine as well as getting her input on the next charity quilt designs! (I’m pretty sure that’s one reason she wants to visit us again next year! *wink*)

This top had machine applique and decorative stitches…and was kinda stretched in places so there were a few challenges to make it lay nice and flat. There was also a flanged inner border treatment.


Overall, I like how it turned out!


I still need to study more (practice) on connecting the side borders…*sigh* Bobbin tension still needs a bit of tweaking as well.


I have finished these as well!


I even managed to get the binding on this particular quilt!


I like that I can test out different E2E designs to get the general idea of how they stitch out! Sorry this one didn’t photograph well…it was a cloudy day and I used a natural color for thread.


This last top was great for practicing individual block designs as well as that tricky border! I chose to do the same design in both the inner and outer borders…I almost nailed it! 🙂

The bottom row had a “block” that was not a panel so I stitched a frame for it to make it look more balanced. I wish (now) that I had made it a bit more defined. What do you think?


Pre-printed does not mean STRAIGHT! Stitch in the ditch went astray just a bit! But…look at those hearts and flowers! So happy, right?!


My tension is just about right…the back looks great! No loops or pokies! 🙂


I will admit I was pretty jazzed that my corner hearts came out spot-on! They go well with the hearts in the block designs!


I hope to have a couple more quilted this week! I’ll deliver these at our meeting on Sunday!

Fingers crossed! Happy stitching!


Hello, May!

Good morning and thanks for stopping by! How does a week go by so fast?!

We had a busy weekend with guests over for dinner, including the new neighbor across the street. He has been super busy working on the inside and outside of his house to make it ready for tenants. The picket fence looks amazing, right?!


Mr. G removed the last bits of the African Tulip tree stump, too! Doesn’t this look so fresh and clean!?! The new next door neighbors have started moving in as well so hopefully the orange property marker will go away soon. We’ve had good rains the last few days and the grass should recover nicely!

I have been busy on the Statler as well. Three more donation quilt tops are now quilted and ready for binding!


I won’t lie…fleece and flannel WITH batting (as requested by the group’s coordinator of charity quilts) was a challenge to both me and the needles! Lesson learned? Use a #4 needle and go with a more open design. Meander works well with flannel. It’s not glamorous but it gets the job done nicely!


The flannel back on this one dictated the original plan for this leaf pattern must go a bit bigger. Yep, the seam ripper got a work out!


This one looked really nice in spite of the odd choice of baseball gloves fabric. BUT, borders kicked my b&## on it I will go back to the online tutorials for that this weekend.

None the less, they turned out fine. This makes 11 donation quilt tops quilted! Not bad for only having the Statler just under a month! Here is a bit of the backs.


I was feeling pretty confident as well since I also quilted a large quilt for my first paying customer! She took it so quickly I didn’t get a photo of it completed and she packed it in her suitcase for a trip to Florida! I am so glad she was thrilled with it!

I put this quilt top on the frame and struggled a bit with it, but it is done! I won’t tell you where the mistake is but I PROMISE it is in there! You can read this post to see how this top started. Remember all the stash busting I was doing before we moved to Kauai? This one I finished back in 2013! UFO-DONE!


I really like this pattern. It’s called “Split Personality” and reminds me of “Falling Charms” but on a bigger scale. I thought about putting feathers in the white rows but that was just a bit too much for me to jump off and try just yet! Patience, patience…slow down there, sista!

That’s it for now. I’m off to learn some more tips and tricks on this Lady! Have a wonderful rest of your week!



More practice!

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a lovely day where ever you are!

We’ve had a rainy weekend so I got to do some quilting today! I successfully quilted a nice lap or couch size quilt top – 62″ x 80″!

Here was how it started…a very nice selection of fabrics!


I made this quilt top a month or so back and I guess with the quilt show and delivery of the Statler I never posted it here! I’m glad I at least posted it on my Facebook page!


I did my daily maintenance on the Gammill – oiling, dusting, bobbin winding, etc. Then I loaded the backing fabric and floated the batting and top. Here is the first row!


With the Statler magic and only two stops for refills in the bobbin, it is quilted!!!


I tried to photograph the back…white on white fabric with natural thread…a cloudy day…isn’t’ the best for a great photo, but I promise, there isn’t any puckers, pinches or skipped stitches! Yay!!DSC05760

All the trimming is done and it is ready for the binding! I am happy I am getting the measurements better so the quilting goes almost to the edge but leaves enough for the binding to be attached without cuting off the design.


I’ll get the binding made next and I might even get it sewn on today but most likely not until the morning!

This one will be for sale in my online shop, so watch for that posting! Subscribe to my blog and you won’t miss it or any other items I make in the future!

Thanks for stopping by!




Getting the Hang of E2E

So far this week, I have managed to quilt something or learn something (if not BOTH!) every day on the Statler!

When I am not doing either of those things, I am thinking about quilting or learning something on the Statler!

Not only am I figuring out the mechanical side of The Lady, I am learning the technical side of her. Computers “think” a certain way, machines “work” a certain way…and I think and work a certain way. I just have to remember to think and work like they do…not necessarily the way I think they should think and work. Get it?!

Yes, it sometimes makes my head hurt! 😉

But I am getting the hang of it. E2E is short speak for “edge-to-edge” or specifically, in quilting lingo, a pattern that goes from the left edge to the right edge of the quilt. It is a continuous line of quilting.

Like this…

E2E sample

The design is duplicated the length of the quilt and you have an “all over” design. It usually appears to have no beginning or ending.

This is the result of my practice this week…5 donation quilts ready for the binding!


Of course, there are some mistakes. Of course, these are not my best. That is yet to come. I haven’t quilted on a long arm since 2010 so I am a bit rusty and technology has changed on the Statler.

But, this has been a good week none the less! The first four quilts were about 38″ square. The last one was 42 x 62 and was made with Hawaiian scrap fabrics! I like how it turned out!


Close up of quilting E2E…



Now to watch some more tutorials and make some notes on what I’ve learned so far. I have a long way to go!



Let’s See What’s in the Boxes!

Yesterday was a happy day! The team from The SewNSew in California, owners John and Shelly and their wonder guy and awesome technician, Darryl arrived to uncrate, lift, carry and assemble all the many wonders that came in two wooden crates and three boxes!



The pivotal access table was uncrated first. Fourteen feet plus of lumber, nails and metal straps. Darryl ran the saw down the sides of the top plywood to get the crowbar under and bust it loose. John is working to remove the side pieces of the table in the smaller wooden crate.


Removing the plywood to reveal the rails…


The rails are actually bolted to the ends of the crates so those have to be removed before the rails can come out…


This is PART of Darryl’s tool box…he could only get so much in the bag to fit in his suitcase!


Here are the sides of the pivot access table…the frame for quilting.


Now to get the rails in the house…remember…these are 14 feet long…



Ok…well, that way won’t work…they will have to come in straight across the front lanai (with Mr. G standing in the flowerbed to bridge the distance from sidewalk to front door)…John backs the rails back out for the second attempt.



Once inside, they wait their turn in the dining room…the main piece of the frame comes in next. Ruby is making sure the poles don’t try to get away! 😉


This part of the table is welded together…and too wide to fit through the front door. Good thing we have nice big windows for it to fit through! This is the tracks the Gammill will travel back and forth across the quilt.



The guys need a break…the pieces have to be arranged just so. The sides will go on next…


While those were being brought in, the top box was opened and a lot of smaller boxes come to light after being crated for about a month! This is the computer and mounting accessories, casters, etc.


Now to see what damage occurred during shipment. This box took a direct hit from something!? Luckily, it was the mount for the computer and it didn’t have a scratch on it! There was a piece of lumber that made its way through this hole into the packing material.


Thankfully, all of these boxes sustained no damage! Whew!



Six strong hands make this assembly go much faster!


Now the table can stand on its own! Hour by hour, it is starting to look awesome!


However, the garage is getting the brunt of the debris! Lumber, nails, packing materials, plastic bags, cardboard boxes,…well, you get the idea!


Remember the end of the crate where the bolts were?



The Gammill is loaded, the rails are mounted and we are getting closer!



Our first glitch was mounting the last rails but it was worked out in about 20 minutes or so. I think most of it was just due to it getting late in the day and new frame changes.

Then the computer is mounted and adjusted to my height!


All the cables and electrical cords are placed, plugged in, tightened and zip-tied in place. The power strip is also zip-tied out of the way so the only cord I step over is to the battery backup!

Everything is turned on, she gets her oil fills and we all stand back and admire The Lady!


The only other glitch is the power switch…it comes on with a green light and a red light…the machine comes on and lights up the needle…but then the green light goes out. A call to Gammill and a new power switch will be on its way…it works but we believe either the lamp has a short or the bulb is going bad.

By 4:30, the day ended with a glass of wine for us and team Gammill off for a nice dinner at Wahoo Seafood Drill & Bar! Job well done!

Let the fun begin!




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