Fabric Shop in Okinawa, Japan

Aloha! I’ve been under the weather since our trip to visit this cutie in Okinawa, Japan. It was a chilly, windy week and every one but Evelyn (who, thankfully, just had a runny nose from teething) got sick…allergy, head cold and/or upper respiratory junk is not fun when there is so much to see and do!


Such a cute little “kimono” outfit!

Just in case you think we didn’t get there and back again…


Getting our first stamps in our passports was quite exciting, it went very smoothly and with no delays! 🙂

With the weather and being sick, I still managed to find a fabric shop during our trip! I couldn’t find too much information on the shop but it has been in Okinawa for a good while. I found this article online but not much else.

I don’t know what the “66 cents” means…I didn’t see anything for that price or even ending in that price. This photo is of the front store and held the quilting cottons, notions and, interestingly, an olive oil shop above it!


Courtney and I entered from the side entrance. To the right were these cabinets full of all types of thread. The price in Yen (371) converts to about $3.29 U.S in case you’re curious!


To our left, were these bolts of fabrics. You can just see the stairs leading up to the olive oil shop. These novelty fabrics seem to be very popular.


On the other side of the thread cabinets were these fabrics on rolls rather than folded onto bolts. I had recently learned there were traditional Okinawan fabrics and these in the lower right seemed to be the closest I found. Surprisingly, there were not very many to choose from.


I can’t interpret the writing on this one…but I loved the texture!


This is the second part which was behind and left of the front building. Note the drinks vending machine…they are EVERYWHERE in Okinawa. Residential, retail, parking lots, street corners…everywhere!


We actually started with this building first and found it had decorator fabrics, satins and silks and such for clothing making and a bit of quilting cottons (primarily fat quarters and remnants). This store had signs for no photography (so the pics from the shop above were taken on the sneak!)


I did ask if I could photograph these fabric holders as I was paying for my purchase. He graciously said I could!


I have never seen fabric bolt holders (is that what they are called?!) made of wooden frames and covered with paper! Have you?!


Cool, right?! They appear to be old (judging by the discolored tape) but are they?


I bought this fat quarter (to entertain Evelyn while we browsed) and this remnant. I think it will make a lovely wall hanging to remember our trip. I paid Yen 1804 or about $16.00. The remnant piece is 1-1/2 yds and the normal 43″ wide.


After a fun day shopping, we went out for dinner. This photo was taken at Hamasushi – fast food sushi on a conveyor belt. What an adventure and pretty good food! That’s a tiny peek at the conveyor just over Courtney’s left shoulder. Grab a plate as it goes by or place an order for cooked and/or specials. They add up the plates when you are finished!

More photos to come…we have two cameras and two cell phones to retrieve photos from so stay tuned!







A Visit from the Parents!

Is just seems like a few days ago was Mother’s Day and now we are already on the back end of May! 😦

We had a wonderful week with my parents here! We took them to most of the favorite tourist stops as well as a few of our own. Warning! Lots of pictures in this post! 🙂

I snapped this right after they arrived…first visit deserves leis!13102892_10205691096347739_6254736735454922087_n

My mom’s belated Mother’s Day floral arrangement was stunning! Thanks Safeway Floral Dept.!!


First up, we had a mini family reunion with my mom’s cousin (well, she is my cousin, too!) at one of our favorite restaurants. You can go back to this post to see how we met Debbie and Chuck for the first time!


We went to their home for more photos and to show my parents their lovely acreage!


We were entertained and fed very well at the Smith Family Luau. These were my favorite photos – my parents by one of the water features in the tropical gardens and Mr. G and me waiting for the food!

Next up was the west side of the island…Waimea Canyon and the Kalalou Lookout at Koke’e Park. The first stop was the Kauai Coffee Company!




Then the splendor that is Kauai!


Waimea Canyon waterfall


We only got a brief glance of the beach through the cloud cover.





A picnic in the clouds

A brief stop at Poipu and the Blow Hole…south side of Kauai


Natural blow hole


Trying to get a picture of the sea turtle

Off to the north side is next…


Pier at Hanalei


Waterfall in the distance


Taro fields-right


Taro fields-left

How about a riverboat ride to the Fern Grotto? You bet!


Our ride is by the umbrella…


complete with singing entertainment and a hula dancer!


This is NOT our golden retriever, Ruby!


The cave is large enough to not be easily captured in one photo…


and the sun was just right above to put a glare on almost every shot.


But the flora and fauna were outstanding!

Of course, a trip to the Kilauea Lighthouse is a must see!

This is view as we walked up to the lighthouse…A15A16A17


Our week went by quickly but not without a quiet beach day before their last day. Papa gave snorkeling a try…and liked it a lot! One more waterfall and a dinner by the ocean before they left.


Wailua Falls (the Fantasy Island waterfall!)



I am so glad they were able to come to Kauai and hope they took back some great memories! We jammed in a lot to see…but didn’t even make a dent in the list of other things to see and do. We’ll save those for another visit!

I hope you enjoyed the photos…we took a bunch as did the folks. These are just a few of the best ones. Some are still on Mr. G’s camera…who knows what gems are still to follow! But we did have a silly family photo taken…gotta get those every now and then, right?! 😉


No one even fell down!! Ha!

Sunburns were kept at a minimal…one slightly bald head got a bit pink and a v-neck blouse revealed a healthy glow to take home…they said their sunscreen was SPF 100…I guess it really works! 😉


And the winners are…!!

If you are lucky this year to attend the Houston’s Internationa Quilt Festival, you are lucky indeed!! It is an awesome thing to see…

George R Brown Convention Center

George Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas

It will always remind me of a big cruise ship! And it holds a lot of quilts, quilters, vendors, fabrics, notions, sewing machines and all things quilting, or distantly related, of every shape and color, and on and on!! Every quilter MUST attend Quilt Festival at least once in!

I remember taking my Nana along with aunts, sister-in-law and my mom one year…my grandmother fussed because I insisted she could NOT attend Festival without a wheel chair. (I had been before…I knew how much walking and standing would be involved!)

Of course, she complained, groaned and moaned about it all the way to Houston. However, once inside…her eyes got as big as saucers, with a big grin on her face (because in a wheelchair, she got to go to the head of the line, too!) she crossed her arms, and said, “I won’t say another word.” I wish I had snapped a picture of her as we entered the convention center!

She didn’t keep her arms crossed for long…she wanted to take as much of it in, and as well as ON, as much as we could bag up for her and hang off the handles on the wheelchair!! She was enchanted, a bit overwhelmed, but so excited about all that is “THE quilt show” of Texas! I am so glad she was healthy, feisty and raring to go and that I have a super special memory of her and our adventure!! 🙂

It is fascinating to walk the floor, listening to all the International voices, see all the colors and excitement that bursts inside that cavernous space! Laughter, oohs and aaahhs, and hearing over and over, “I want that!”, “Oh, how cute!”, “I’ll take x number of yards of this,” and, forevermore repeated, “How am I going to get it all in the bag, suitcase, car, plane, or box to ship it back home?!”  And, of course, all the QUILTS!!! Every shape, style and size imaginable!

Photo courtesy of Everfest.com – this is just a very tiny portion of the convention floor!!

ANYWAY…the winners of this year’s Festival are stunning. Enjoy browsing through the photos and dream big! These winners sure did…and look how lucky they are!! 😀


If you are near Houston, or Texas for that matter!, you still have time to attend!! The show runs through Sunday, November 1st! Get on your good walking shoes, grab some cash and/or plastic money, and GO! You won’t be disappointed!!



Family Time!

Good morning to you! I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready to take on another busy week!

I mentioned in this post about our family get together last week. This is probably the last time we will all be together before we leave for Kauai and our son-in-love heads for Japan. My parents were here for a couple of days but they will be out of town when we drive through New Mexico on our way to California.

So it was with enthusiasm (mostly!) that a group photo was in order! Mr. G set up the camera for some rapid fire photos to try and catch a good one! This one turned out great!


Four generations: my parents, me, son Ryan (the tallest one!) and grandson Brogan!

How could we NOT have a funny, silly one as well! Note the “not participating” matriarch and patriarch! Brogan had been sticking out his tongue, but of course, as the camera flashed, he stopped! LOL

Silly & Goofy!

Silly & Goofy!

You can bet these will hold a special place in a nice frame once we get on island!

I wish you many days of fun, laughter, silliness and family! Our families will soon be scattered across at least 4 states and Japan. But no matter the miles separating us, adventures await us all and with the magic of Internet, digital cameras and cell phones we’ll remain in touch! Stay tuned!

15 days and counting…

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